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Anti Static Bag

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Anti Static Bag
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Anti static bag, also called moisture bag and ESD shielding bag. it is silver gray which is made of two layers of clear anti-static film and excellent anti-static metallic layer between them, and thus it is has excellent properties of anti-static, moisture proof and electromagnetic shielding performance. It is widely used for packaging or transferring of PC board and IC products.

Moisture proof bag specifications:

  • main material:  PET 23.1%, PP 74.2%, PU 2.1%
  • Average thickness : 0.073mm
  • Weight 0.073
  • Dimension tolerance +2.0% less than +2.0%
  • Tolerance of seal edge +2.0mm   2.0mm less than 2.0mm
  • Surface: Silvery white, no wrinkles, no damage, serious wrinkles
  • Surface resistivity,10^9~10Ω (relative humidity (RH) ≥50% condition)
  • Heat-sealing strength no less than 20N/mm

Above sizes for reference, also can be customized.

anti static bag
anti static bag

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