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ESD Wrist Strap

ESD Wrist Strap

ESD Wrist Strap, also called anti static wrist strap, is a basic and widely facility in ESD equipment usage, which is very convenient for workers to operate and enables them to ground while working on the Sensitive Electronics.

It is composed of wrist band and grounding wire. The wrist band is made of nylon and the interior surface coated with conductive carbon. Band is contact with skin directly, passed button and in series with grounding, form an electron-static discharge path, transfer away static electron charge from human body.

Every cord has a safety 1MΩ resistance, which protect operators safety.

Product name ESD wrist strap
Color Light Blue
Discharge time: 0.1s
Resistor 1 mega ohms
Length 1.8m/2.5m/3.5m can be customized
Snaps number 1
Snap: 10mm
Weight 26g
Material Elastic nylon fiber
Resistance ≤103Ω
Length (Perimeter) 18.5cm
Material PU/PVC
Resistance 106Ω-109Ω
swivel edge Banana types
Anti static ESD Wrist strap
esd wrist strap

Anti static wrist strap application:

Products are widely used for ESD discharge in ESD equipment usage or clean room in PCB Manufacturing, Storage industry, Network communication, Consumer Electronics and other electronics industry.

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wrist strap wire
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