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ESD EVA Foam Tray

Anti-static / ESD EVA Foam Tray

Anti-static EVA foam tray,also called ESD EVA foam tray, is made of a new type of environmentally friendly plastic foam material, with good conductive, cushioning, seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof, chemical corrosion and other advantages, and non-toxic, do not absorb water. EVA anti-static Foam Design machinable forming, its shockproof performance is better than polyethylene (foam) and other traditional foaming materials, and in line with environmental requirements, is the best choice for export products.

ESD EVA foam tray Features:

  1. Excellent anti static performance: Anti-static time is permanent, not affected by environmental dry humidity;
  2. Cushioning and damping performance is excellent: independent and close bubble hole;
  3. Good conductivity: 10^3-10^9;
  4. High temperature: Max temperature Tolerance
  5. Chemical resistance: resistant to organic solvents, acids etc.
  6. No chemical corrosion: no corrosion to components and packages.
  7. Heat insulation, sound insulation, wear-resistant, not easy to lose;
  8. Good two times processing performance, easy to form.
Anti static EVA foam tray

All kinds anti static EVA foam shapes: As different customers requests, we can make different shapes by carving, die-cutting or other ways. such as carving ESD EVA Foam Box,ESD EVA Foam Insert,PP Box with ESD EVA Foam, Conductive EVA Foam Insert,Die Cut Conductive EVA Foam Insert and so on.

Anti Static EVA Foam Tray Video

Anti static EVA foam insert

Anti static EVA foam tray advantages:

  • Anti static EVA Foam tray is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials.
  • EVA rubber and plastic products through the design and processing, its shockproof performance is better than other polystyrene as raw material (foam) and other traditional packaging materials.
  • Compared to traditional shockproof packaging, EVA Foam can be cut, molding, but also because of its density difference is larger, can have a wider range of applications.
  • Environmental protection, with good moisture-proof insulation, cushioning, resistance to chemical corrosion.
  • Non water absorption, non-toxic characteristics.

Anti-Static EVA foam tray applications:

  • LCD Panel Production assembly line, such as display screen, Control circuit, control module, back light module, etc.
  • Workshop turnover, such as the components turnover of mobile, phone, 3G terminal, computer/especially notebook computer, optical electronic parts.
  • Workshop turnover of motherboard and PCB
  • Mini worktable for assembling small devices, which are sensitive for ESD.
  • Mobile phone factory, cable tray or shielded rooms

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