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Foam Black Sheeting | Cushioning Foam Sheets| Storage / Shipping and Packing

Foam Black Sheeting is an black closed cell cushioning foam sheet, it can be cut into different foam planks, paddings, blocks or shapes or foam inserts. Which is ideal for surface protection and cushioning during the ESD shipping.

Anti static PE FOAM

Foam Black Sheeting

Black Foam Sheets can be cut into different sizes and thicknesses depending on what items you need to protect during the shipping process.

Not only can packing foam sheets be used to protect fragile items during shipping, but they can also be used with other materials like packing peanuts.

When preparing items for shipping, it’s important that you put the item in the packing foam materials.

To make sure you have enough protective packaging, gently shake the packing box. If the item is able to move around inside, you’ll need to add foam packaging.

Cushioning Foam Sheets

Cushioning Foam Sheets are excellent anti-shock foam material,which is soft,anti static,widely used for the sensitive components during packing,storage or shipping.

Please refer to my previous pages for More cushioning foam sheets specifications.

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Functions for Using the Foam Sheet Material

  1. Firmly secure and store your electronic Items: Foam Sheets are made from low density polyethylene with closed cell bubble inside, which makes the perfect cushion to your electronics. Plus the Foam Sheets are used to fill voids in boxes that firmly secures your items in place.
  2. Protect Sensitive products: Foam Sheets are shock absorbent,and anti static, which protects sensitive components for shipping and storage. Ideal for your products or items whilst in transit or storage.
  3. Fit more items than expected: The Foam Sheets are the ideal product for your shipping, storage and moving needs. It conforms to any product shape, it saves you more space. And it also helps prevent product scratches or surface damages.
  4. Moistureproof: The Foam Sheets are made up of Expanded Polyethylene . And foam is moisture resistant and pliable, it helps avoid damages from moisture or water.
  5. Reusable: Cushioning Foam Sheets are reusable, you can reuse it over and over again. Ideal for shipping, packing or storage.


Black foam sheetings or cushioning foam sheet can be used in the Static Dissapative Cartons,PCB Board Holder Rack and Bins,Protective Static Dissapative Tote Box , Static Shielding Puncture Resistant Moisture Barrier Bag.and also can be used in any electronic packaging in Automotive , Electronics, Aerospace, General Engineering, Medical Devices,  Chemical, Communications fields.