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ESD Foam Products

ESD Foam also called Anti Static Foam, which is widely used as different ESD Protection packaging material requests, it including pink and black foams in colors, Antistatic foam, conductive foam, static dissipative foam in ESD foam resistance types, foam roll, Anti Static foam sheets, foam blocks, ESD foam inserts, foam padding, plank foam in foam shapes so on.

The Differences of 4 types ESD foams

ESD foam types Ordinal ESD Foam Features Foam Shape ESD Type Odor
ESD PE Foam Single Thickness:0.5-7mm

Laminated :100mm


Roll/Sheet Permanently No Odor
ESD EVA Foam Single Thickness: 50mm

Laminated :100mm

Color Black



Permanently -----
ESD EPE Foam Single Thickness:50mm

Laminated :100mm

Color:Black,Pink, Red

Roll/Sheet Around 6


No Odor
ESD PU foam Single Thickness:40mm

Laminated :100mm

Color:Pink , Black



Around 6



Below are the four types ESD foam (PE Foam, EVA Foam , EPE foam, PU foam )features and strong points,  more comparision about the black foam pink foam,red foam, please refer to my posts  Foam Sheet Packing Material | Pink and black Foam for Packaging

For more esd foam catalogue, please check the catalogue download.


  • Color:Black
  • Material: PE material
  • Size:Customized.
  • surface resistance:10^3-9
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: Long time.

Strong Points:

No smell, Eco-friendly.


  • Main material: EVA foam
  • Size: customized
  • Surface resistance:10^3-9
  • Color:Black
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: long time.

Strong Points: Single layer thick up to 40mm, easy to process molding.


  • Main material: EPE foam
  • Size:customized
  • Surface resistance:10^8-11
  • Color:Pink
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: short time around 6 month.

Strong Points: Softer than PE and EVA foam, Eco friendly.


  • Main material: PU foam
  • Size:customized
  • Surface resistance:10^3-9
  • Color:Black
  • Cell structure: open cell.
  • Anti static time: short time.

Strong Points: Soft and Sound absorption with open cell structure..


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ESDGoods offers Anti Static Foam , ESD Tray , ESD Cleanroom Products. it includes many types ESD Products, it can suit to all kinds electronic factory , manufacturer , transportation, Storage, turnover and Packaging .
A wide variety of our Anti Static Foam options are avilable to you. such as PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, PU foam, color can be black , red , pink color . you can choose the right products as different requests.

We are foam supplier , located in China, the top supplying country is China(Mainland). Our products are exported to Europe, America,Asia, Mid East,Africa and so on .

Except for the Anti Static Foam, ESDGoods also provide the Tray and other ESD clean room products, such as Foam tray, PP tray , PP box , container , tote , Anti static wrist strap , shoes, slipper, esd Chairs , ESD tweezers etc.

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