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JEDEC Matrix Anti Static IC Trays Electronic Components Trays

JEDEC Anti Static IC tray is a specialized tray designed to protect integrated circuits (ICs) from electrostatic discharge (ESD) during various stages of manufacturing, handling, and transportation. These trays are particularly crucial in the electronics industry, where the sensitivity of ICs to static electricity poses a significant risk of damage.

Heat-Resistant JEDEC Matrix IC Trays are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern electronics packaging. Designed with precision and adherence to international standards, these trays offer optimal protection for IC modules while enhancing efficiency in handling and automation.


JEDEC Anti Static IC Trays Specifications

  • Item Name:  Anti Static JEDEC IC Trays / ABS JEDEC IC Trays / JEDEC ESD IC Chip tray,
  • jedec tray standard dimensions: Jedec standard tray 322.6*135.9*7.62&12.19mm
  • Minimum Order Quantity:  50PCS(Custom tray Initial order support small batch)
  • Delivery Time: 3~8 working days/ depends on Quantity
  • Payment Terms: T/T / Paypal
  • Material: MPPO. PPE. ABS.PEI. IDP...etc
  • Color: Black. Red. Yellow. Green. White. etc
  • Temperature: 80°C~180°C
  • Property: ESD,Non-ESD
  • Supply Ability: The capacity is between 2500PCS~3000PCS/per day
  • Surface Resistance: 1.0x10^4~1.0x10^11Ω
  • Customized Service: Support Standard And Non-standard,precision Machining
  • Injection Mold: Customized Case Need(Lead Time 25~30Days,Mold Life Span: 300,000 Times.)

JEDEC Matrix IC Tray Types and Size



QFP/LQFP/MQFP/ QFP48/7*7*1.0 / LQFP48/7*7*1.4 / QFP64/10*10*2.0 / LQFP64/10*10*1.4 / LQFP80/12*12*1.4 / QFP144/20*20*1.0 / LQFP144/20*20*1.4 / LQFP100/14*14*1.4 / QFP128/16*16*1.0 / LQFP176/24*24*1.4 / MQFP100/14*20*2.7  / QFP100/14*20*1.4/ MQFP320/32*32*3.4 / MQFP208/28*28*3.4    
BGA BGA 10*10 / BGA 11*11 / BGA 12*12 / BGA 13*13 / BGA 14*14 BGA 15*15 / BGA 17*17 / BGA 19*19 / BGA 21*21 / BGA 23*23 / BGA 25*25 / BGA 27*27 / BGA 29*29 / BGA 31*31 / BGA 33*33 / BGA 35*35 / BGA 37.5*37.5 / BGA 40*40 / BGA 42.5*42.5 / BGA 45*45 / BGA 50*50 / BGA 55*55
QFN QFN 3*3 / QFN 4*4 / QFN 5*5 / QFN 6*6 / QFN 7*7 / QFN 8*8 / QFN 9*9 / QFN 10*10 / QFN 13*13 / QFN 5*6 / QFN 5*9 / QFN 4.5*6.5 / QFN 6.5*6.5 / QFN 8*12 / QFN 12*12
SOP / TSOP SOP8 4.9*6.0mm/ SOP8 5.4*8.1mm/ SOP16L10*10mm/ TSOP 28/44P / SOP 48L / TSOP 54/86P / SOP 56L
Anti Static IC TRAYs BGA 2
Anti Static IC TRAYs SOP
Anti Static IC TRAYs QFP
Anti Static IC TRAYs BGA2

JEDEC Anti Static IC Trays Features

  • Structural Design and Conformance:

The tray's structure and shape align seamlessly with JEDEC international standards, meeting the specific requirements for securely housing components or IC modules. The design ensures compatibility with automatic feeding systems, facilitating modernized loading processes and improving overall work efficiency.

  • Advanced Functionality: 

The center area of each tray features flat cells designed for use with automatic equipment and vacuum picking tools, enhancing convenience in handling.

A 45-degree chamfer is incorporated to serve as a visual indicator for Pin 1 orientation of the IC. This not only prevents stacking errors but also minimizes the likelihood of worker mistakes, providing maximum chip protection.

  • Customization Options: 

We understand the diverse needs of our clients; hence, we offer customization based on specific chip requirements. The tray is not just a storage solution but a tailored protective shield for your valuable electronic components.

Various packaging IC design solutions are available, including BGA, QFN, QFP, BGA, LQFP, MQFP, SOP, and more. Our custom services cater to all chip tray packaging methods, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique specifications.

JEDEC Anti static IC Tray QFN
Anti Static IC TRAYs BGA
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 1
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 2
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 3
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 4
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 5
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 7
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 8
Chip Tray & Waffle Pack 9

JEDEC Matrix IC Trays Applications

Anti Static IC Trays play a crucial role in safeguarding integrated circuits (ICs) from electrostatic discharge (ESD), finding diverse applications across industries, particularly in electronics. Here's a glimpse of their key roles:

  • Electronics Manufacturing:

Used extensively in the production of electronic devices, these trays provide a secure and ESD-safe environment for the handling, storage, and transportation of delicate ICs.

  • Semiconductor Industry:

In semiconductor fabrication facilities, anti-static trays protect ICs from static electricity, preventing potential damage to sensitive semiconductor materials.

  • Automated Assembly Lines:

Designed for compatibility with automated assembly lines, these trays seamlessly integrate into robotic systems, ensuring efficient and precise IC handling during assembly.

  • Testing and Quality Control:

In rigorous testing and quality control procedures, anti-static trays provide a controlled environment, minimizing the risk of ESD-related damage during these crucial processes.

  • Storage and Warehousing:

Serving as protective containers, these trays prevent ESD damage during the storage and transportation of ICs, especially in low-humidity environments.

  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturing:

Widely employed Anti Static IC Trays in the production of consumer electronics, such as smartphones and computers, ensuring the safe handling of ICs from assembly to packaging.

  • Aerospace and Defense Electronics:

Essential in the aerospace and defense industries, these trays safeguard highly sensitive electronic components from ESD, especially in environments with potential static electricity risks.

  • Medical Electronics:

Playing a crucial role in the manufacturing of medical devices, these trays ensure the reliability and longevity of intricate electronic components.

  • Research and Development:

Utilized in laboratories and research facilities, these trays protect prototypes and experimental ICs from electrostatic discharge, maintaining the integrity of research efforts.

  • Customized Applications:

Tailored Anti Static IC Trays to specific industry requirements, these trays can be customized in size, shape, and features to accommodate diverse electronic components.

Anti-static IC trays offer a wide range of applications, showcasing versatility, ESD-safe design, and compatibility with automated systems. Their pivotal role in protecting ICs makes them an integral component in the production and handling of electronic components across various sectors.