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ESDGoods, as an ESD packaging manufacturer, specializes in providing a wide range of electronic packaging materials to meet your specific needs. Our offerings include Anti-static foam, ESD Conductive Foam, and ESD tray products, all of which are crafted from materials such as PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, PU foam, Hollow board, and PP corrugated Box. Additionally, we offer a diverse selection of Cleanroom Products, including anti-static wrist straps, ESD shoes, ESD chairs, anti-static slippers, ESD tweezers, and more. Trust ESDGoods to fulfill your requirements for reliable and high-quality electronic packaging and cleanroom solutions.

Anti Static Foam Series

ESD Goods, as a manufacturer of anti-static packaging, offers a full assortment of anti-static foam electronic packaging materials to meet your various needs. Our products include PE foam, EVA foam, PU foam and EPE foam, all of which are electrically conductive and anti-static.

ESD Tray / Anti Static Box

ESD foam trays are carefully produced from top-quality anti static/ conductive foam materials such as PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, and PU foam. These trays are specifically designed to provide exceptional protection and packaging for sensitive electronic components during turnover, storage, and shipping processes. With their ESD properties, our foam trays ensure that your electronics are shielded from potential damage caused by static electricity, offering a reliable and safe solution for your packaging needs.

ESD Cleanroom Accessories

Other ESD accessories products used in the clean room, such as ESD wrist strap, heel strap, ESD shoes, ESD slipper, ESD Chair, conductive tweezers and etc.


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ESDGoods offers a wide range of ESD products, including Anti Static Foam, ESD Tray, ESD Cleanroom Products. Our products cater to the diverse needs of electronic factories, manufacturers, transportation, storage, turnover, and packaging requirements worldwide. Partner with ESDGoods for reliable and high-quality ESD products, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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