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Our ESD Goods mainly dealing anti static foam material, and ESD tray based on ESD foam products, such as PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, PU foam.also we are providing the ESD wrist strap, heel strap,ESD Chair and other clean room products.


ESD Foam called Anti static foam,includes PE foam,EPE foam,EVA foam and PU foam , mainly for electronic packaging.

ESD Tray

ESD Tray include ESD PP tray, ESD corrugated tray, danpla tray,carbon box, and PE foam tray, PU foam tray, EVA Foam tray, EPE foam tray and so on.

Other ESD products

Other ESD products mainly used in the clean room, such as ESD Chair,ESD heel strap,wrist strap,ESD shoes,Slipper and so on.

Hot products

Anti static ESD foam

Anti static ESD foam is made of Polyethylene foam, which is used for protecting the precise electronic parts,LCD screen or some other electronics.


  • Long time Anti static type
  • Thin foam: 0.5mm to 3mm as requests
  • Size as requests


Anti Static Foam

ESD Goods providing all kinds anti static foam, including PE foam, EVA foam, PU foam, EPE foam, all are conductive and anti static type, meet all the anti static foam needed. surface resistivity from 10^3 to 10^11.

ESD PE foam

Anti static PE foam, also called ESD PE foam, which made of PE with conductive carbon, some special padding and foaming agent. Its main feature is Eco-friendly.


Anti-static Eva foam, named ESD EVA foam, is closed-cell foam, which is made of EVA material and conductive carbon filler. Its main feature is good for die cutting.

ESD EPE foam

Conductive EPE foam, pink ESD foam, also called anti static or ESD EPE foam, is one type of packaging materials with high-strength buffer and the seismic capability.

ESD PU foam

ESD PU foam is open cell soft foam which take polyurethane (PU) as raw material and add anti static materials and then foaming. it have good sound absorption ability.

Other ESD products include many ESD products used in the clean room, such as ESD wrist strap, heel strap, ESD shoes, ESD slipper, ESD Chair, conductive tweezers, and other ESD products.

Other ESD products include ESD wrist strap , ESD shoes, ESD Chairs, ESD accessories.

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