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ESD Heel Strap

Anti static Heel strap

Anti static Heel strap  also called ESD ankle strap,is made of fiber with conductive line in,help to eliminate human body charge to ground and protect people and the electronic products.


  • Antistatic Ankle Strap Material: synthetic rubber;
  • Surface Resistance: Black layer 10^3-10^6Ω
  • Conductive band: 106Ω to ground resistance, adjustable Velcro and conductive ribbon.
  • Anti-static ankle strap is divided into two styles: heel strap and toe strap.
ESD heel strap

Heel strap is usually worn with flat shoes for men, while the toe strap is used by women wearing high heels.

Working principle:
The human body charge may go through the conductive band and the conductive rubber safety to the conductive floor, which is the must measures for take away of the human body static.

anti static heel strap
Anti static ankle strap
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ESD Heel Strap
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