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ESD Foam Seal & Gasket

ESD Foam Seal & Gasket is the thin foam , with thickness 0.5 mm / 0.8mm, 1 mm and 1.5mm.

This product is used for seal and gasket fuction. which is suitable for portable electronic products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras, PSP and some self-help medical products or need waterproof requirements of electrical and electronic.

It can play a good waterproof, dust-free, shock absorption effect.

Super thin foam3
Ultra Thin Foam
Foam tape

Thin Foam Tape


This is a kind of ultra-thin foam , PE foam, can be used for the double-sided adhesive, PE foam has single-sided and double-sided. Can be cut into the width you need.

Foam Seal and gasket production Show

Foam Seal superior performance:

  1. Thinness, support of ultra-thin combined miniaturization product.
  2. Waterproof, waterproof field of the best materials, waterproof seven standards of the state.
  3. Dust proof, excellent dust proof performance.
  4. Low elasticity, prevent panel and casing deformation.
  5. Shock absorbing, can reach more than 55% of the shock absorption, shockproof, buffer an excellent choice.
  6. Characteristic, bad environment, high temperature and high humidity stability and weather resistance.
  7. Softness, although very thin, but very soft, with good compression performance.

Anti Static Foam Seal & Gasket Applications

  1. Foam tape.
  2. Mobile phone, computer, PDA, PSP, LCD or chassis buffer, dust with gasket.
  3. Keyboard buffer, dust proof with gasket.
  4. Camera, video camera camera gasket.
  5. Speakers, shockproof, buffer, dust proof with washer.
  6. LED lighting, dust with gasket.
  7. All kinds of waterproof cushion.
  8. Windows fixed.
Anti Static Foam for phone
Foam seal

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