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ESD Foam Black Roll & Sheets | Anti Static Foam Block

ESD foam black roll & sheets | anti static foam block

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ESD foam black roll & sheets | anti static foam block

ESD Goods is an ESD foam supplier located in Shenzhen, China. ESD foam can be used in the electronics, sensitive Machine or Equipment factory, PCB factory, and clean room. With good shock proof , anti static or ESD type,  moisture proof, lightweight features, ESD foam are widely used as a ideal packaging material, which export to India, South Asia, Middle East, Europe ,and more than 30 countries.

Foam shapes

ESD foam can be divided into different shape, ESD foam roll, ESD foam block, ESD foam sheet, ESD foam tray, anti static foam inserts, ESD foam box,  and so on.


The difference between the ESD foam roll and ESD foam blocks

Usually if the foam is continuously production, it’s the foam roll, such as the anti static PE foam, anti static EPE foam, which can be roll sheet, we produce it as the customer’s requests, such as different thickness, width, length, density, color. We produce it as requests. But for the foam block, we make the foam block in a container by high temperature or high pressure, the sizes are fixed as the container, for example, the anti static EVA foam, anti static PU foam and also some anti static Pink EPE foam.

Target customers

For our ESD foam roll, block, sheet material,  the potential customers are the anti static foam dealer or distributors or agent, anti static foam processors. And for the foam tray or insert, main customers are the electronic final users from the electronic company.


Products details.

  1. Material: PE foam or EVA foam.
  2. Material composition: Polyethylene.
  3. Special points: closed cell, hot pressing molding,  non corrosive, permanently conductive/anti static / static discharge effect, excellent cushion, good chemical resistance.
  4. Colors: Black.
  5. Surface resistance:conductive 10E6-10E9 ohm.
  6. Max thickness: Single layer 40mm for EVA Foam, single layer 7mm for PE foam, can be laminated to 50mm.
  7. ESD EVA foam Normal size:1.4mx2.5mx30mm ; 1.2mx2.4mx40mm.
  8. ESD PE foam size: as requests.
  9. Any specifications can be ordered.


ESD foam black roll & sheets | anti static foam block applications:

  1. Electronics: Electronic packing material for sensitive devices, electronic components / equipment, Computer, Anti-static assembling table pad.
  2. Medical field, Surgery equipment: anti-static floor, Medical instrument parts: prevent from signal interruption.
  3. Military field , ESD Package of missile, military device against electron static accident.

ESD PE foam

ESD PE Foam also known as ESD or Electrostatic Dissipative PE foam is used in many fields as an effective method to control static electricity and risks due to electrostatic discharge.

ESD EVA foam

ESD EVA foam material with good flexibility and rubbery elasticity, shockproof features, which makes sure electronic components be protected well during the transportation and avoid any damage caused by electrostatic discharge.

ESD EPE foam

Anti static / ESD EPE Protection Foam, also called anti static pink foam, pink packaging Foam. It is used for light products and low-demand packing. It’s a mature packaging material for reducing shock.


Our Products advantages

  1. High quality foam products.
  2. With enough experience for selling goods overseas.
  3. With a professional team about the foam products, can providing products design as customer’s request.


ESD design solutions

ESD goods, have the professional team for providing the special designing service as different customers requests. Also if you are not sure what types of foam you want, we can support you and choose the right foam for you as your products need.


Shipping and payment terms

Usually we export the foam goods by sea if you need it largely (full container or half).

Many customers choose sending goods by air if need goods small(small volume around 1CBM).

  1. Payment Terms.
  2. Paid by T/T or Paypal .