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ESD Pink Anti Static Foam Sheets |ESD Safe Foam | Where to Buy -ESD Goods

ESD Pink Anti Static Foam Sheets are made of the polyethylene mixed with conductive carbon, pink color master. It’s a ESD safe foam which has excellent shockproof function, widely used as the packaging material int the electronic field.

ESD pink anti static foam sheets

 What is ESD Pink anti static foam sheets characters:

  1. Main material:al:ESD polyethylene (PE) Foam, 100% Virgin Polyethylene with anti-static additive.
  2. Features: Anti-static, anti-abrasion, anti-moisture, Good cushioning, anti-shock, heat-insulation,and sound-insulation.
  3. Main function: keep the electronics safe by using the ESD pink safe foam.
  4. Density:23kg/m3, 35kg/m3.
  5. Surface Resistance : 10^6-10^11 Ohm/ sq.
  6. Customize shape and size.
  7. Foam post process: cutting, die-cutting, carving to be ESD foam inserts, ESD foam tray, ESD foam box,ESD turnover foam box, ESD foam bin.
  8. Application:Protect abrasion-prone items, such as LCD TV, screen, furniture, mobile phone, etc.

ESD design solutions

ESD goods, have the professional team for providing the special designing service as different customers requests. Also if you are not sure what types of foam you want, we can support you and choose the right foam for you as your products need.

 Shipping and payment terms:

Usually we export the foam goods by sea if you need it largely( full container or half).

Many customers choose sending goods by air if need goods small(small volume around 1CBM)

  1. Payment Terms
  2. Pay by T/T or Paypal.
Anti Static Pink Foam Tray

Where to buy anti static foam:

ESD Goods, a professional supplier for ESD foam, including anti static PE foam, black , pink color, anti static EVA foam, anti static EPE foam, ESD PU foam etc. More information, contact with me, we’ll provide more professional suggestions.

What kind of products need the packing material as the pink anti static foam sheets ?

As customer’s experience, ESD pink foam usually used for packing electronic components and PCB board.


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