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Anti Static Control Foam | Static Free Foam Material Supplier

Anti static control foam material is based on all type foam, such as PE foam, EVA foam,PU foam, EPE foam, which used for anti static control with surface resistance 10^6-10^9.it is widely used in the electronics protection. below we'll talk about the anti static control , anti static control foam, how to use the Anti static free foam for protect our products, and some static control common sense for you.

What’s anti static control
With the development of modern High-tech, static electricity has already broken into the industrial production of many departments and people's lives and created a variety of incidents, to the human economy and property has brought giant losses, and sometimes even a social disaster!

For example:

In the electronics industry, static electricity can not only damage (or damage) electronic devices, but also lead to electronic equipment mis-operation;

In the rocket launch, the electrostatic discharge can make the guidance computer mis-operation, resulting in the launch failure.

in flammable and explosive sites, electrostatic discharge will cause burning or explosion events.

Therefore, in the modern electronics, communications, aerospace, military, petrochemical and other industries and many fields of science and technology, control of static electricity has been an important issue can not be ignored, but also the rapid development of technology and production needs

Four ways for static control:

From the mechanism of electrostatic generation, we should start from the reduction of the insulation of the objects concerned, so that even if friction does not produce and less static electricity,

there are some of the following major measures:

(1) To maintain a certain humidity environment.

The northern region or in the dry winter, due to electrostatic failure of the case is far greater than in the Southeast region or other seasons, so in some important places, such as computer rooms, laboratories, electronic equipment installation and adjustment workshop should be considered to maintain a certain degree of humidity, especially for those closed-form air-conditioned room, more should have a certain humidity control equipment.

(2) laying anti-static floor or carpet.
At present, this has a certain conductive properties of plastic flooring or carpet products, can be very effective in suppressing because of human walking to produce static electricity.

(3) Semiconductor devices should be placed in anti-static control foam tray or anti-static plastic bags, this anti-static control foam material has good electrical conductivity, can effectively prevent the production of static electricity.Of course, conditional should be placed in the metal in the container or with metal foil packaging.

(4) For operators should be in the wrist with anti-static hand strap, this hand belt should be good grounding performance, this measure is most effective

Anti-static small common sense

(1)Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon,it happened everywhere, such as contact, rub, flush and so on. The basic process can be summed up as follows:
Contact → charge → transfer → galvanic layer formation → charge separation.

(2) Equipment or human body on the highest static electricity up to tens of thousands of volts and hundreds of thousands of volts, under normal operating conditions also often reach hundreds of to thousands of volts.

The human body because of its own movements and contact with other objects-separation, friction or induction and other factors, can bring thousands of volts even tens of thousands of static electricity. Static electricity is the result that positive and negative charges lose their balance in local range.

It is a kind of electrical energy, retained in the performance of objects, with high potential, low electricity, small current and short time characteristics.

(3) Static control of the main measures are: electrostatic leakage and dissipation, static neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding, humidification and so on.

(4) Electrostatic discharge caused by the breakdown of the components of the electronic industry is the most common, the most serious electrostatic hazards, it is divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown.

Hard breakdown is a one-time cause of the breakdown of components, burning or permanent failure, soft breakdown is caused by the deterioration of the performance of the device or parameter indicators decline.

(5) Electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards in the production process between the transfer and storage, must use anti-static on the Material box, component box, turnover box, turnover tray and so on.

To prevent the accumulation of electrostatic damage.

(6) Electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards, as finished packaging must be used anti-static shielding bags, anti static foam packaging material, ESD shielding material, packaging bags, packaging boxes, bars, baskets, etc., to avoid the process of static electricity damage.

(7) Electronic products in the production process, its components, parts and equipment, often produce static electricity by contact, separation and friction. must use anti-static cushion, anti static foam tray, turnover box , maintenance kits, tools, work Chair (stool) and so on, and through the appropriate grounding, so that static electricity quickly vent.

(8) Rub up electricity and human body electrostatic is the electronics, microelectronics industry, the two major hazards, but static electricity is not a hazard, the harm lies in the accumulation of static electricity and the resulting electrostatic charge discharge, it must be controlled.
(9) Electrostatic field is formed around it, which produces mechanical effect, discharge effect and electrostatic induction effect.

(10) As a result of the mechanical effect of static electricity, the airborne dust particles will be adsorbed on electronic components such as silicon wafer, seriously affecting the quality of electronic products, therefore, to purify the working space must take anti-static measures.

(11) Clean room walls, ceilings and floors should be used anti-static dust-proof materials, operators and work piece, utensils should also take a series of electrostatic protection measures.

(12) In order to understand the electrostatic starting of the production process, to determine the impact of static electricity production process and testing of electrostatic protective supplies, equipment quality need to measure static electricity and related parameters.

(13)The measurement of static electricity, mainly on electrostatic voltage, material resistance, grounding resistance, electrostatic shutdown period, static electricity, electrostatic eliminator power dissipation performance, cloth charge surface density measurement.

(14)Electrostatic protection is a systematic project, any part of the omissions or errors, will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection work, must always guard against, everyone.

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