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EVA Foam Anti Static Packaging Materials

Anti static foam

Information introduction: EVA foam anti static packaging materials

What is EVA Foam Material ?

EVA foam material , including conductive EVA foam , ESD EVA foam and insulation EVA foam, the main material is PE and EVA resin, molded foam, for the closed-hole foam, As different foam types, by adding conductive filler , make the EVA foam be permanent conductive or anti-static features,with excellent adhesion and post-processing.

EVA foam features:

EVA foam cell is very fine, with high hardness and strength, can be used to meet the need for more high-strength packaging, the use of the production of cheaper, suitable for packaging requirements slightly lower occasions.

EVA foam anti static packaging materials has the following characteristics:

  • Good conductivity: Electrostatic index value is 10^3--10^9ω/sq.
  • Good cushioning and damping performance: independent and close cell.
  • Excellent anti-static performance: the timeliness of permanent, not affected by ambient dry humidity.
  • Chemical resistance: resistant to organic solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.
  • No chemical corrosion: no ammonium, amine, ammonia and other anti-static agent.
  • Thermal insulation, soundproofing.
  • Wear-resistant, not easy to wear.

ESD EVA Foam Tray

There are three ways for us to make the EVA Foam Sheet or Foam Block into Foam Tray, and made it to the shape of the packaging products, details as below.

ESD Foam Carving As customer’s requests, we shaping the EVA foam by carving using the CNC Machine, the size is accurate and quite small tolerance. All the corner is not rectangular,but with radians. With this CNC carving, the foam tray quite beautiful, but price is higher.
Cutting EVA Foam Cutting the foam by straight cutting Machine or wire cutting machine, economic way for cutting, usually used for cutting the foam sheet.
EVA Foam Molding Cutting the foam by pouching machine with the correct mould. Usually used for the small thickness foam tray or sheet , small tolerance, also a economic way.
Anti static foam tray
esd eva foam inserts
esd eva foam inserts

Anti-static EVA foam application:

  1. LCD Panel Production assembly line.
  2. Workshop turnover.
  3. anti-static shipping packaging.
  4. anti-static buffer protection cushion, fixture, etc.

Contact With Us

Our ESD Goods Specialized in providing the anti static foam inserts as different customers' requirements.

We have a lot selections of anti-static foam products for you to choose from, all foam sizes can be customized.

These foam inserts dissipate electrostatic charges, giving you a variety of uses to a variety of products.

The anti-static  foam inserts allow you to ship electronics without worry of any damage.

They create a snug, soft covering for the electronics, without allowing any static damage or impact to occur to the products. Whether you are using this foam to ship items to customers, or you are moving your electronics to a new location, these products are just for you.