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Small Component Packaging Inserts

ESD PE foam tray

Small component packaging inserts

Material:ESD polyethylene foam inserts

Usage: small component packaging inserts

Small component packaging inserts main material is Radiation crosslinked Polyethylene Foam sheet, the product is polyethylene or modified polyethylene with a variety of fillers extrusion molding, after the electron accelerator radiation cross-linking,high temperature foaming foam material, its surface is smooth, bubble hole airtight, delicate and uniform, do not absorb water, environmental protection, at the same time has good mechanical properties, excellent insulation and sound insulation performance.

Easy to two times processing molding, can give its good flame-retardant properties of soft foam, widely used in automotive interiors, sports and leisure, travel supplies, children's toys, health care and packaging, refrigeration, construction, decoration and other daily department stores.

Small component packaging inserts Characteristics:

1.Heat insulation: its delicate independent pore structure effectively reduce the air convection caused by energy exchange, suitable for the production of insulation tubes, insulation board. And both of the dew-proof, so that the extreme suitable for refrigerators, air-conditioning and cold storage and other wet environment insulation materials.

2.Buffering:Its semi-rigid foam body, by strong impact after the reduction, for precision instruments, semiconductors,electronic products such as packaging and other fields.

3.Sound insulation: Its exquisite independent air hole can effectively reduce energy exchange, with the barrier sound, the impact caused by acoustic transmission, from the face to mute, sound insulation effect, applicable to automobiles, motor and other strong noise equipment and sound-absorbing materials in the environment.

4.Formability: Ixpe heat resistance is strong, ductility can be good, density uniformity, can realize vacuum forming and hot forming and other deeper parts of the molding, so it can be used for automotive air-conditioning evaporation cabinets, automobile hot-pressing roof and other interior parts and shoes materials.

5.IXPE also has non-toxic, tasteless, drug resistance, oil, acid, halogen and other types of chemical properties, and very easy to process, can be arbitrarily cut and a variety of materials, as a new generation of efficient energy-saving, environmental protection and energy-saving materials.