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Is the ESD Rubber Mat Can Be Permanently Anti Static ? -ESD Goods

Anti static rubber mat mainly with static conductive materials, electrostatic dissipative materials and synthetic rubber, such as through a variety of processes made.

Anti Static Rubber Mat Specifications:

The surface layer is about 0.3-0.5mm thick electrostatic dissipation layer, the lower layer is about 1.5-1.7mm thick conductive layer. Total mat thickness 2mm, width can be 1000mm and 800mm,  length can be 5m, 10m.20m. and so on.

The ESD mat is used for a long time, has a good anti-acid, anti-alkali, chemical flux characteristics, and wear-resistant, easy to clean.

ESD rubber mat

Recently the customer asked to buy a blue Anti static rubber mat, He raised a question:

Is this ESD mat can be permanently anti static?


The answer is certainly not, the above has explained the Anti static rubber mat material, now a lot of propaganda on the market anti-static rubber mat Permanent Anti static is a gimmick.

In fact, anti static rubber mat can guarantee the shelf life within 2 years. During this 2 years, the Anti stati coefficient attenuation will not more than 10^9 ohm,or can't be replaced,and some product problems caused on purposed, such as the appearance of color ,discoloration of the product, fading, scratches, wear, shrinkage and short etc. will not be guaranteed.

Avoid the use of volatile liquids in the surface cleaning, such as alcohol, acetone, toluene, banana water and so on.

ESD Table mat

Three precautions to longer the mat's lifespan:


1.product surface is strictly forbidden to contact acid and alkaline solvents (such as benzene, alcohol, etc.), which may result in product surface discoloration, fading and resistance value decline. For cleaning, the cloth may be stained with a neutral solution (such as water) wipe.

2.use of glue both and the bottom of the table mat products and table material is dissolved, both bonded firmly, and will not appear after the product adhesion shrinkage phenomenon. It is recommended that the test be pasted before mass production.

3. Product Shrinkage: This product contains more than the market on the general platform, durability increases, and tensile strength increases, the proposed cutting product specifications to relax, while storing 24 hours, so that the product has a fatigue recovery process, and then glue adhesive production.