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Knowledge of ESD Protection in Daily Life

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When does the ESD happened?

Solids, liquids, gases, and powders produce static electricity whenever "contact-separation" occurs. Friction is actually a continuous contact and separation of the friction surface.
People walk, work or contact with other objects, or the human body due to electrostatic induction, space charge adsorption and other factors will generate static electricity. Because we live on a charged Earth,all objects are surrounded by a charged atmosphere.

How do you avoid the ESD in our daily life ?

When you are holding a baby pacing or changing arms around the home, the shoe is exposed to the ground or clothing and separates, resulting in static electricity. Sometimes the body of the baby has a feeling of needle ligation, which is caused by electrostatic discharge. You can wash your hands and discharge them before holding them, or touch them with your baby's body, or connect them with an ECG-like wrist clip between your wrists, keeping the potential equal so that the baby will never be numb again. Unfortunately, there is no such commodity in the market.

If a third party wants to touch the baby, it should first touch the discharge with the adult's hand. The baby is very sensitive to static electricity, often in the rainy days they sleep particularly sweet, and occasionally smile, it seems to thank the humid weather how much can dissipate the static electricity.

This electrostatic protection method is also suitable for family and patient strokes.

How do you avoid the ESD before you are reaching the outside door handle ?

When you have just reached the outside door handle, you can hold the metal part of the key and touch the metal part with the handle to discharge the key and the handle. This is actually the discharge of the hand and the handle passed to the discharge of the key and the handle, the finger does not have the electric shock feeling. It would be popular if there were similar conductive rubber discharge rods in the market.

How do you avoid the ESD when you enter a crowded compartment?

When you enter a crowded compartment, people's coats are prone to rub off electricity. You can hold the cuffs, sleeves and metal handrails touch or hand-held conductive rubber discharge rods and metal handrails touch, or hand-held metal handrails, so that the human body and armrest potential equal, or all the way hand-held armrest or insulated link armrest, so that the body and its material isolation. It is better not to hold the insulated armrest for a period of time to help the metal handrail, lest the human body accumulate electrostatic discharge. This way, you will not have a tingling sensation.

If an insulated tube is added to the subway compartment and the door armrest, the passenger holding the insulated handrail will be given a second hand. However, for the convenience of passengers, or the seat armrest and the insulated link handrail all use conductive materials, or all metal handrails and body insulation. This way, the passengers can grasp the handrail, do not have to worry about electrostatic ma hand.

Newly-delivered trams, electric vehicles with upper and lower handrails and door handles are insulated from the body with plastic sleeves and plastic brackets, which is one of the safety measures to ensure that passengers do not contact the vehicle and ground at the same time to prevent step voltage electric shock, but it is not antistatic.

The General people think that the harm of static electricity is only uncomfortable, in fact, the electrostatic discharge voltage has thousands of volts, otherwise it will not make a sound. Although static electricity has no life danger to human body, it brings a lot of trouble and inconvenience to people's work and life. The above electrostatic protection is almost beneficial to everyone.