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The Harm and Application of Static Electricity


Things are always "in Split", there are unfavorable aspects, there can be used side, static electricity, although there are many hazards, but also for material  civilization and spiritual civilization services. At present, the application of static electricity is also very extensive.

The harm from the static electricity as below.

It will seriously interfere with the normal work of the aircraft radio equipment, the static electricity between the pages will make paper pages bonded together, difficult to separate, to the printing trouble, in the pharmaceutical factory.

Because the electrostatic attraction dust,it will make the drug can not reach the standard purity.

In the television screen surface electrostatic easily adsorbed dust and oil, the formation of a layer of dust film , so that the clarity and brightness of the image reduced.

On the blended clothing common and not easy to shoot off the dust, is likely to ignite some flammable objects by electrostatic spark explosion.

In Dark night, we take off nylon, wool clothes, will emit sparks and "Ba Ba" noise, which is basically harmless to the human body.

But on the operating table, in addition to electric spark, it will cause the explosion of anesthetic, injury to doctors and patients;

In coal mine, it will cause gas explosion, and leads to workers casualties, mine scrap.

Applications of Electrostatic

1. The friction between the printing paper, to bring trouble to the printing paper sticky page; the damp air can make the electrostatic quickly disappear.

2. Man-made fiber clothing, can not wear much kung fu will be covered with a layer of dust, rotating fan blades not long there is a thick layer of dust, which is due to electrostatic attraction dust.

3. People walking on the carpet, and carpet friction can produce more than 10,000 volts high pressure, when hand-pulled metal door hand will be electric shock, can be sandwiched in the carpet of stainless steel wire into the underground, the effect is very good.

4. Aircraft during the flight process, tanker during the transport process due to air friction will generate static electricity.

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When the plane landed, static electricity will be injured ground personnel, fuel tank fuel accumulation to a certain extent, discharge will produce electric spark, causing explosion. The tanker is dragged to the ground by the chain, the aircraft on the wheel of the ground to the electrostatic discharge into the ground.

The tiny electrostatic discharge can cause the gas to explode, cause the electric shock to cause the person to produce the feeling of hemp or give the person with the strong blow, the extremely high pressure static electricity can make the person deadly.