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Conductive Foam | Anti Static Foam Tape / Gasket Supplier – ESD Goods

Conductive foam

What’s conductive foam?

Conductive foam have a lower electrical resistance than the anti static foam, the electrons flow easily and faster across the foam materials.

For the conductive foam, we have two types as below.

1.Black anti static and conductive foams (Polyethylene foam)
Black conductive foams are made of polyethylene material by adding conductive agent inside,which have eco-friendly, cushioning, waterproof features.

More important, it is used for the protection of static sensitive components and electronic assemblies.

It’s closed cell rigid foam, no losing foam scraps, no smell. It can be repeatedly used with permanent anti static / conductive features.

It contains internal anti-static agents designed to eliminate static-potential from the foam itself, and to dissipate electro-static discharges from other sources

2.Conductive foam (polyurethane foam)
Conductive polyurethane foam is made of polyurethane foam, which is open cell soft foam with good shockproof , sound absorption , heat insulation properties.

Foam can be used for some fine electronic components packaging or some special safety inspection.

Conductive foams properties


Item Conductive Polyethylene foam Conductive Polyurethane foam
Color Black Black
Density 2.5lbs to 6.25lbs 1.1lbs to 2.2lbs
Cell structure Closed cell Open cell
Tensile strength >0.5Mpa 0.29-0.35Mpa
Elongation >150% 70-80%
Permanent compression 5% <0.5 <0.5
Max.Operation temperature 100 100
Surface resistivity 10^3-10^6 or 10^6-10^9
Volume resistivity 10^3-10^6 or 10^6-10^9

Conductive foams features:

  • Sealing or gasket for LCD , LED displayer or screen.
  • Moisture proof , dust free
  • Cushioning,Shock and vibration absorption
  • Static shielding, Eliminate the static
Anti static foam

Conductive foams types

There are many different conductive foam types for satisfy different requests for customers. Such as Conductive foam sheet or conductive foam pad , Conductive foam tape or gasket , Conductive foam packaging , below are introducing the details for each foam types.

  1. Conductive foam sheet / Conductive foam pad

For the conductive foam sheet , usually the we cut it as customer’s requests. Ordinal types as below. Can be customized.

Anti static foam

Size 4”*4” Thickness 1/4”

Size 4”*4” Thickness 2/4”

Size 4”*4” Thickness 3/4”

Size 4”*4” Thickness 1”

Size 4”*8” Thickness 1/4”

Size 4”*8” Thickness 2/4”

Size 4”*8” Thickness 3/4”

Size 4”*8” Thickness 1”

ESD PU foam
  1. Conductive foam packaging

As different electronic components shape or requests, we make the conductive foam packaging material by cutting, gluing, heating lamination, pouching ways, such as the foam tray, foam insert , foam box, and foam container etc. Below are some of conductive foam packaging material for your reference.

Conductive foam packaging
  1. Conductive foam tape / gasket

For some small electronic products, for example, phone, tablet PC, and other electronic products, conductive foam tape / gasket takes small space , with the functions for sealing, cushioning, moisture proof , anti static or conductive. It is widely used in current electronic factory.

Conductive foam tape gasket

Conductive Foam Applications:

  • Electronic components packaging: such as PCB or IC chips storage, pressure Sensors and electrical connectors , static sensitive parts.
  • Electronic display: LED or LCD Screen, Graph display.
  • Static sensitive equipment: such as Medical devices , Portable data acquisition & ruggedized devices, and other shield devices.
  • Tiny electronics sealing : such as phone, Tablet PC.

Conductive Foam price

Conductive foam price depends on the foam types , for the polyethylene foam, it’s eco friendly and permanently anti static and conductive properties. The Conductive polyethylene foam price is higher than the polyurethane foam.

Because the polyurethane foam is softer than the polyethylene foam, as different electronic components packaging, customer can choose the right products as needed.

where to buy conductive Foam ?

ESD Goods is a Chinese conductive foam supplier, We mainly supplier Anti static / Conductive foams, ESD container , ESD tray, clean room products , we have different foam types as your different requests. With professional suggestions for your electronic components and devices.