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Anti Static PE Foam | Black Conductive Foam

Anti Static PE Foam (Anti-static Polyethylene Foam ) is black color closed cell ESD foam, It can be foam roll,  foam block ,  foam sheet , plank foam material, or foam insert different foam types to meet different electronic packaging requests, which is an excellent Anti Static Packing Foam in the electronics industry.

Anti Static PE foam

Anti Static PE foam is a physical cross linked polyethylene foam. it is compounding PE resin,conductive agent, black color agent, and other filler together, Anti-static foam will not generate static charge when it rubs against itself, but will happily eliminate a charge through itself to anything contact.

ESD Foam Raw material

Anti Static (ESD)Foam Chemical Component(%)

Component Weight Percentage(%) CAS no.
Polyethylene Resin 80% 24937-78-8
Conductive carbon 10% 1333-86-4
Commodity chemicals 5%
Other filler 5%

ESD foam Production process

  1. Granulate the raw material of PE resin,conductive carbon, AC blowing agents and other filler from Power to granule.
  2. 2.Mixed the above each material by the Extruder as certain percentages, make the master slices as different thickness, width, density,conductive or anti static types.
  3. Irradiating the master slices by the Electron acceleratorand make it cross-linking
  4. Foaming by the foaming oven to be the Anti Static foam roll products.

Ordinal ESD foam based on PE foam as belows

Anti static PE foam roll
Anti Static PE foam sheet
Anti Static PE foam Block
ESD Foam insert
Anti static foam tape
Anti Static Thin Foam

Anti Static Foam Roll

Anti static foam roll with thickness 0.5 mm to 100mm, width up to 1500mm,length as your requests.


Anti-static Foam Sheets

Cutting from Anti Static foam roll as the specific size from customers by cutting Machine.

Anti Static Foam Blocks

Single thickness less 12mm, can be laminated to large foam blocks as specific thickness within 100mm.


ESD Foam Insert / Foam Tray

By cutting , carving, punching ,Slicing, slitting, and laminating to be the right shape as your requests.


ESD Foam Tape

ESD Foam roll backed adhesive or glue on one side or two sides to meet customer’s requests.


Anti Static Thin Foam

Thickness less than 1mm, most 0.5mm, 0.8mm, or backed adhesive , to be the Foam Seal or Gasket material, specially for some small electronic, sensitive electronics , devices to be duty free and emit the dissipation of electron-static charges.

ESD Foam Features

  1. It promotes the rapid release of electrostatic without using the environmental humidity. anti-static performance is not affected by the environmental humidity.
  2. Permanent anti-static.
  3. Excellent electrical conductivity, surface resistance: 103-109 Ω.
  4. Buffer good performance: independent and fine pore closure.
  5. High temperature resistance: PE maximum temperature 100℃.
  6. Chemical resistance: resistant to organic solvents, acids, bases, etc.
  7.  No chemical corrosion: It has no corrosion to the components and packaging.
  8. Heat insulation, sound insulation, water absorption, moisture.
  9. Good processing performance, easy molding.
  10. Excellent ESD effect because its interior conductive lattice.
  11. Able to leaking static electricity rapidly and free of environmental humidity.
  12. Long time and even Permanent ESD duration.

Anti Static PE Foam Technical Data

No. Item Data
CE Series (Conductive) DE Series (Dissipative)
1 Color Black
2 Density 40-125 Kg/m3
3 Surface Resistivity 10 3—10 6Ω/sq 10 6—10 9Ω/sq
4 Volume Resistivity 10 3—10 6Ω•cm 10 6—10 9Ω•cm
5 Abrasive Potential <50 V <100V
6 Attentuation Half-time <1.0

Above about the conductive and dissipative foam technical data, if you want to know how to distinguish the two different foam types, please refer to my articles Conductivity Foam VS Anti Static Foam

Anti Static Foam information

Material IXPE
Type Anti Static PE foam, Conductive PE Foam ,Closed Cell,ESD safe foam
Thickness 0.5mm-100mm
Color Black color
ESD Foam Resistance 103-109 Ω
Certificate SGS, ISO9001, ROHS , Reach ,
Size Max width :1500mm, Length as your requests, other size also can be customized.
Product Keywords ESD IXPE foam,ESD foam, ESD foam sheet.


Anti Static Foam Applications

  • Packaging : TV / computers/ Phone / monitors / , refrigerators, washing machines, electronic equipment, glassware, ceramics, polyester yarn/films, handicrafts, printers, UPS, currency teller machines, diagnostic kits, and surgical equipment and other fragile and delicate products.
  • Electronic Equipment: as corner pads, buffers, encapsulation blocks, ribs, and support pads, adhesive backed sheets etc.
  • Insulation :EPE rolls and insul-tubes are being used widely for insulation of windows, split AC, air handling units and AC ducting, industrial chillers, cold storage and refrigerated vans/containers and industrials refrigerators, cold water pipes and high altitude drinking water-pipe insulation.
  • Automobiles: Roof tops, engines, bonnets and drivers cabin insulation, door panels and seat linings, floor mats, carpet underlays, upholsteries, sun visors and car AC insulations etc.
  • Construction :Expansion joint fillers, water proofing of terraces / roofs, foundation wraps, sound barrier underlays, false ceilings, structural glazing.
  • Sports:Wrestling, judo, gymnastics, taekwondo, and jogging exercise mats. Leg and thigh guards, arm elbow/shoulder pads. Helmets, sleeping bags linings, ski belts, life saving jackets, glove and costume insulation.
  • Miscellaneous :Carpet underlays, shoes, foam floaters for effluent treatment plants and distilleries, luggage and leather bag linings, caps, Rakhees and jewelry boxes, leather jackets, floppy disks

Where to buy anti static foam?

To determine whether foam is conductive or anti-static, use a tester. If the tester shows a range of 10^3-10^5, the foam is conductive. If it shows a range of 10^6-10^9, it is anti-static.

  • If you're a factory that needs large and continuous amounts of anti-static PE foam, feel free to contact us for specific sizes according to your needs. We can provide suggestions and choose the appropriate type (anti-static foam, conductive foam, static dissipative foam) for your different products. You can even choose different types at once, and we'll tailor each product to your component sizes as requested, with high quality and competitive pricing.
  • If you're an individual looking for smaller quantities of foam, If you want to buy from us, we're happy to help. but we suggest you buy from a nearby anti-static foam supplier or from Amazon. This will save you time and money.

How to tell if foam is conductive or anti static ?

  • With Test tool of Surface resistance tester.

To determine the conductivity of foam, utilize a tester which displays a range of 10^3-10^5. This indicates the foam is conductive. Alternatively, if the range displayed is 10^6-10^9, then the foam is considered to be anti-static.

  • If no Test tool

A simple way to test if foam is conductive is to use it to directly contact your phone screen. If it functions similarly to your finger and works well on the touch screen, then it is conductive foam. If not, it may be anti-static foam, but this is not always the case. Please note that a surface resistance tester is the most accurate way to determine if foam is conductive or not.

If you want to know the difference of Anti Static Foam and Conductive foam, Please check my before post The Difference Between Anti Static Foam And Conductive Foam .

Except for Anti Static PE Foam, We also Provide EVA foam, EPE Pink Foam, PU Foam to different customers' demand. welcome your inquire.