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Anti Static Table Mat, also called ESD Rubber Mat, is mainly made of anti static material and dissipative static material synthetic rubber. The surface layer is dissipative electrostatic layer about 0.5mm thick, and the bottom layer is conductive layer about 1.5mm thick. Commonly used as 2mm double layer composite structure.
The table mat has a long time to use, has a good anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemical flux characteristics, and wear-resistant, easy to clean.

ESD Rubber Mat Features

  • ESD Rubber Mat has a good anti acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemical flux characteristics, and wear-resistant, easy to clean.
  • Upper top layer 10^6-10^9 Ohms, black table layer 10^3-10^5 Ohms.
  • Upper top layer Color is green, gray or blue
  • Product specifications: 10m*0.6m*2mm, 10m*0.9m*2mm, 10m*1.0m*2mm, 10m*1.2m*2mm
  • Softness: soft, strong rebound, resilient. Whether the product is used in the cold or in the warm environment, it maintains its softness, flatness, (paved on the ground, the countertop is very flat and not four corners)
Anti static rubber mat

Functions of ESD Mat:

  1. Release static electricity, to achieve an equal potential between the human body,the ESD tweezers, tools, appliances, instruments on the table mat.
  2. Protect statically sensitive devices (SSDs) from interference from electrostatic discharge.
  3. Effective buffering for electrostatic protection to avoid damage to the device. This product does not contain S, Hg, NH3 plus Pb and other harmful substances.

If you want to know If this ESD mat can be permanently anti static? please refer to my previous article.

How the ESD table mat works ?

Anti-static green table mat (table mat) on the green under the black, double-layer composite structure.
The use of intermediate mesh structure, the release of static electricity effect is good, emissions fast and other advantages.
The use of anti-static materials and dissipated electrostatic materials synthetic rubber rubber, etc. made.

Its main principles are:

  1. Green surface for storage to absorb static electricity around the desktop, resistance 107 to 109 scm;
  2. The black base surface as a conductor, resistivity of 106 scm, because it is a conductor, can quickly absorb static electricity discharge;
  3. The ground wire at one end connected to the static radio mat, the other end connected to the earth.

How to Install an ESD Workstation?

  • Lay the table mat flat on the workbench with the snaps toward the operator.
  • Connect the common point ground cord to the table mat by snapping it to the left or right snap.
  • Connect the coil cord to the common point ground cord by plugging the banana plug into one of the ground cord's banana jacks.
  • Snap the wrist band to the coil cord. TIP: Make sure that the operator wears the wrist band on bare skin and tightens the band so that no gap exists between the skin and the band.
  • Lay the floor mat on the floor in front of the workbench with the snaps toward the bench.
  • Connect the floor mat ground cord to one snap on the floor mat.
  • Connect the common point ground cord and floor mat ground cord to ground. Use the green wire building ground point as specified in EOS/ESD Standard
  • Connection to this ground point most easily accomplished by removing the center AC outlet plate cover screw, placing the screw through the eyelets from both ground cords, and replacing the screw. The wires can be moved to the left and right sides of the screw so that they do not obstruct the outlet.

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