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ESD Safety Shoes

Anti static safety shoes or ESD Safety Shoes both used for protecting you and electronics from costly damages, by conducting the electronic charges out of the safety shoes to the ground. safety shoes are made Rubber, permanent anti static,  Non PVC Material meeting the ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 standard.

ESD Safety Shoes

ESD Safety Shoes Specification:

  • Colour: white
  • Size:34-46
  • Surface Resistivity: ≤ 10^9 Ohms
  • Volume Resistivity: 0.75 to 100 Mega Ohms
  • Material of shoe sole:Top grade rubber(1.7-1.9cm), wear resistance, hard fold, corrosion resistance etc.
  • breathable sandals, safety shoes.
  • Vamp Material: Black soft milled cowhide.
  • Inner Shoe Cap: steel shoe cap.

ESD Safety Shoes Features:

  • Durability, high quality leather as raw material, delicate texture and elastic, much more wear resistance.
  • Beautiful and durable, you’ll see the high quality via the details.
  • Comfortable,high quality fabrics,comfortable design, fabric structure has strong permeability and perspiration, which can protects the feet safe and make sure it is comfortable to wear.
  • Prevents accumulation of static electricity.
  • Protect the feet.

Different ESD safety shoes' main specifications

Item Value Reference standard
Sole volume resistance 10^6~10^9 Ohm GB4385-1995
Steel head impact and static pressure 200Joules/15000N ENISO 20345
Steel bottom puncture and zigzag times 1100N/1million times ENISO 20345
Conductivity ≤ 100K ohm ENISO 20345
Anti static resistance 100M ohm~1000M ohm ENISO 20345
Pu double density (outsole hardness) 650~700 GB4385-1995
Heel Area Energy absorption 20 Joules ENISO 20345


Each pair of our safety shoes pass the strict process of quality control and inspection. The shoe production comply with the national safety standards (most of the indicators exceeded the national standard) and the European EN345 standard.


The ESD safety shoes are mainly used to eliminate human body static electricity to ground. It is widely used in clean room, some machinery, communication correspondence, construction, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, mining, oil, electricity and other industries. our products have been favored by more than 30 countries , especially exported to EU countries, the United States, Australia and other regions.

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