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How Are The ESD Shoes Be Made?

How are the ESD shoes be made?

ESD shoes soles are usually made of  PU or PVC  raw materials, and then integrated molding with the shoes upper face, and then on-line reinforcement. According to different raw material soles, we call it ESD PU shoes or ESD PVC shoes,which have good function of ESD protection. and also the anti-static footwear made by this production method  are overall beautiful and very strong.

Safety in production and wear ESD shoes. anti-static shoes are the most effective and reliable way to discharge the human body electrostatic charge, wear anti-static shoes can also effectively suppress the human body in the dust room, that's why we saw the worker wearing the anti static footwear in the electronics factory, semiconductor factory clean room.

How to achieve anti-static effect?

ESD Shoes Electrostatic Release principle is very simple, by wearing anti-static shoes so that the human body and the earth can connect, and the grounding to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge.

Can the anti-static shoes with such a powerful function be used permanently?

This is  a question from a lot of friends, then how long can anti static shoes wear?  In fact, no one can give a standard answer, to small, for the protective features of the special protective shoes, we should pay more attention to its protective performance, rather than the average shoes more durable. I specially talked about it in my another posts How to achieve anti-static effect?

Anti static PU shoes

In fact, most ESD shoes are widely selected polyurethane adhesives, which is a major feature of anti-static shoes, because anti-static shoes use of polyurethane adhesives with outstanding low-temperature performance, excellent flexibility, low curing temperature, anti-impact resistance, the infiltration of a lot of treatment and adhesion, is custom-made ESD shoes universal adhesives. In addition, in the purchase of anti-static work shoes should be required anti-static footwear manufacturers to provide the corresponding test report, to meet the national standard GB4385-1995 inspection, can be used as a qualified anti-static shoes.