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The Difference Between Anti Static Shoes And Insulating Shoes

Anti static Footwear is a working shoe that is worn in order to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards. Anti static shoes using the bulk of PU or PVC materials to make the soles, and the upper integrated on-line reinforcement molding, can effectively discharge static electricity, but also effectively suppress the workers in the dust-free room. The insulating shoe is a kind of safety shoe which uses the insulating material, its main function is separates the human body and the Earth this conductor.
Anti-static shoes are the static conductivity of the human body away, insulating shoes are the human body and conductive body isolation, they are two different functions of the shoes, can not be confused, today to everyone said where are the difference between the two type shoes ?
First, the resistance of the anti static material and the insulating material is different. In general, the resistance of the insulation is larger than 10^12 Ω, while the anti static resistance is between 10^6 Ω and 10^12 Ω.
Insulating rubber is non-conductive, anti static material is conductive, but the resistance value is large, the standard requirement is between 10^6 Ω to 10^9 Ω.

Second, the performance of anti static shoes and insulating shoes is different. Anti-static shoes are added to the soles of anti-static materials made, anti-static shoes with a weak conductive function, can be the body of excess charge to the Earth, to avoid charge accumulation of electrostatic discharge, thus playing the role of eliminating the human body static electricity.

Insulated shoe soles are made of insulating materials that cannot be electrically conductive, which isolates the human body from the Earth, making it possible for the human body to contact the conductive body without electric shock.

Finally,anti static shoes and insulated shoes are used in different ranges. Anti-static shoes are generally used in precision electronics, components and other electronic enterprises, optical instruments, pharmaceutical enterprises and so on, anti-static shoes in the process of use, friction does not produce static electricity, so as to protect electronic products from static electricity hazards, generally used in dust-free workshop, with anti-static clothing used together. Insulating shoes are mainly to protect the human body from the impact of electricity, the ground and protective clothing do not have special requirements, it is generally worn by the electrician, to prevent the generation of cross-step voltage and electric shock, but also to prevent electrical shock caused by the ground.