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How To Use and Clean the Anti-Static Shoes Correctly?

Anti-static shoes have conductive properties, anti-static shoes are correctly worn on the feet and in contact with the earth, can effectively drain the static electricity from the human body into the earth, reduce and prevent static electricity for the product and the human body damage.

Anti-static shoes are not disposable products, but can be used many times, and in order to ensure the performance and cleanliness of anti-static shoes, they need to be cleaned frequently, due to the different nature of the work, the cleaning requirements for anti-static shoes are also different. Some industries have very high requirements for cleanliness, and need to be cleaned every day, while some only need to be washed once a week is enough.

But the cleaning method of anti-static shoes and general footwear is not the same, anti-static shoes are made of PU, PVC, SPU and other materials injection molding, if cleaned haphazardly, it will result in the shortening of the service life of the anti-static shoes, and even the consequences of direct scrapping. So how should anti-static shoes be cleaned correctly?

What's the anti static shoes?

Anti-static shoes using the bulk of PVC or PU foam materials to make soles, and the upper one-piece molding, and then on-line reinforcement. Can effectively release static electricity, at the same time with anti-static clothing together constitute a complete anti-static system.

Electrostatic shoes dexterous and lightweight, the soles with anti-static Eva in the middle, which make it more soft and comfortable, relieve foot pressure, Anti static shoes Fabric has: PVC leather/leather/leather/canvas/conductive silk/t/c fabric. Finished shoes overall beautiful and generous, and strong, anti-slip, with excellent wear resistance (5 times higher than the ordinary soles), more environmentally friendly.

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What we should know before using and wearing the anti-static shoes?

1) It eliminates the human body electrostatic active and can prevent the current electric shock protective shoes under 250V, this product reference GB4385-1995 standard production.

2) Mainly applicable to prevent the human body with static electricity and may cause combustion, explosion and other places where there is electrostatic hazard (such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics and other industries work place)

3) Anti-static shoes generally should be resistance test once after wearing not more than 200 hours , if the resistance is not within the specified range(The resistor should be between 100K ohm to 100M ohms.), it can not be used as anti-static shoes.

4) When wearing the anti static or conductive shoes, you should not wear insulation wool thick socks and insulating insoles at the same time, and prohibited using as insulating shoes.

5) The use situation should be anti-static ground, and conductive shoes should be able to conduct the ground, to achieve a good anti static atomasphere.

6) Anti-static shoes should be used at the same time with anti-static clothing, pay attention to product cleaning, waterproof, moisture-proof.

How to clean the anti static shoes?

Anti-static shoes can not be as the same as the common footwear, because anti-static shoes are generally made in bulk PVC or PU foam material, easily affect the performance of antistatic shoes if washing as usual shoes.


How should anti-static shoes be cleaned correctly?


1. Before cleaning antistatic shoes, must choose clean room clean room, if in the ordinary environment cleaning, will adsorb dust in the air, and the more you wash the dirtier. Before cleaning, you should also check whether the shoes are broken or special stains, if the anti-static shoes are damaged, they should be repaired and cleaned.

2. Antistatic shoes can not be washed at high temperature or too low temperature, high and low temperature will destroy the fiber organization of antistatic shoes, so that the performance of antistatic shoes is reduced, the washing temperature of antistatic shoes is about 40 ℃ or so.

3. Anti-static shoes can not be soaked for a long time. In general, in order to scrub shoes clean, we will put them in the water to soak for a while, so that the stains can be removed more easily, but antistatic shoes can not, because antistatic shoes have leather and cloth surface, so there are different cleaning methods, leather shoes only need to be gently wiped with a soft cloth that is moist but not dripping water, until it is clean, and the cloth shoes need to be gently brushed with a soft bristle brush.

4, anti-static shoes should not be brushed vigorously by hand, and the washing machine procedure should not be used, which will damage the conductive fibers inside the anti-static work shoes and affect the function of the work shoes.

5, anti-static shoes should not be cleaned with acidic or alkaline chemical solvents, which will easily make anti-static shoes discolored or deformed, and should be cleaned with neutral detergent to ensure the performance of anti-static shoes.

Also, use a lot of water to rinse after using detergent to prevent detergent residue, and the cleaning time can not be too long.

The correct way to wear anti-static shoes:

  • To choose cotton socks, not only comfortable to wear, but also will not affect the release of static electricity, at the same time, the shoe size should choose the right one, should not be too big or too small;
  • Do not have foreign objects in the shoes, including insoles, etc., shoes with insoles will affect the static charge carried by the human body to be guided away smoothly;
  • Do not step on the heel when wearing anti-static shoes, or it will affect the effect of real-time grounding of the human body;
  • The soles of shoes should be kept clean.

Daily cleaning measures for anti-static shoes:

  1. The entrance of the workshop should be placed on the sticky dust pad to clean the soles of the staff's shoes to ensure that the soles of the personnel's anti-static shoes are clean;
  2. Self-cleaning should pay attention to cleaning once a month, and should be washed with neutral detergent water.

How long is the most appropriate replacement of anti-static shoes?

In the process of wearing anti-static shoes, how long is it appropriate to replace anti-static shoes? Generally, anti-static shoes should be tested for resistance once in no more than 200 hours of wear, such as unqualified, not to continue to use. If the requirements are strict, it is best to replace them once every three months, so that the electrostatic value is stable. And wear anti-static shoes place should be anti-static ground, wearing

In addition, it should be noted that the place of wearing anti-static shoes should be anti-static ground, wearing anti-static shoes should not wear insulated woolen thick socks and insulated insoles at the same time, and the soles of the shoes should not be sticky with insulating substances, so as not to shorten the service life of anti-static shoes.