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How To Use and Clean the Anti-Static Shoes Correctly?

Many company and customers need the anti static shoes during their working, do you know How to use and clean the anti static shoes correctly ?  let me explain it for it.

What's the anti static shoes?

Anti-static shoes using the bulk of PVC or PU foam materials to make soles, and the upper one-piece molding, and then on-line reinforcement. Can effectively release static electricity, at the same time with anti-static clothing together constitute a complete anti-static system.

Electrostatic shoes dexterous and lightweight, the soles with anti-static Eva in the middle, which make it more soft and comfortable, relieve foot pressure, Anti static shoes Fabric has: PVC leather/leather/leather/canvas/conductive silk/t/c fabric. Finished shoes overall beautiful and generous, and strong, anti-slip, with excellent wear resistance (5 times higher than the ordinary soles), more environmentally friendly.

What we should know before using and wearing the anti static shoes?

1) It eliminates the human body electrostatic active and can prevent the current electric shock protective shoes under 250V, this product reference gb4385-1995 standard production.

2) Mainly applicable to prevent the human body with static electricity and may cause combustion, explosion and other places where there is electrostatic hazard (such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics and other industries work place)

3) Anti-static shoes generally should be resistance test once after wearing not more than 200 hours , if the resistance is not within the specified range(The resistor should be between 100K ohm to 100M ohms.), it can not be used as anti-static shoes.

4) When wearing the anti static or conductive shoes, you should not wear insulation wool thick socks and insulating insoles at the same time, and prohibited using as insulating shoes.

5) The use situation should be anti-static ground, and conductive shoes should be able to conduct the ground, to achieve a good anti static atomasphere.

6) Anti-static shoes should be used at the same time with anti-static clothing, pay attention to product cleaning, waterproof, moisture-proof.

How to clean the anti static shoes?

Anti-static shoes can not be as the same as the common footwear, because anti-static shoes are generally made in bulk PVC or PU foam material, easily affect the performance of antistatic shoes if washing as usual shoes.

Normal cleaning anti-static shoes note points:

  • Anti-static shoes can not use high-temperature washing, should be placed in the water temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius in warm water for cleaning.
  • Anti-static shoes can not be placed in the water for a long time, you should use a soft brush gently scrub.
  • Anti-static shoes can not use chemical solvent cleaning, should be cleaned with a neutral detergent, so as not to cause discoloration.
  • Anti-static shoes should be cleaned with a large amount of water for adequate rinsing.
  • Rinse after the completion of the ventilation in a cool place to dry, not in the sun exposure.

As long as the correct way to clean anti-static shoes care properly can prolong the service life of anti-static shoes.