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ESD Slipper

Anti static Slipper or ESD Sandal is made of high elasticity anti static polyurethane sole and PU leather upper, which is beautiful and generous, light and comfortable, wear-resistant, not deformed, durable, thoroughly solved duty off problem.

Anti static Slipper

ESD Slipper Features:

  • Durability,Gentleness,Comfortability.
  • Prevents accumulation of static electricity.
  • Dust-free, antistatic.
  • Soft and wearable soles.
  • Easy to clean and easy to wear, natural degradation, low carbon life.
Anti static Slipper


  • Color : Black.white,blue.
  • Material: High quality PU material (polyurethane environmental protection material) + PU leather.
  • Surface resistance: 10^6 -10^9.
  • Shoe Resistance: 10^8-10^10.
  • Size.: 22cm~28cm  (34 /36/38/40/42/44/46).
Anti static Slippers


Adapt to electronic, semiconductor production, photo voltaic, solar, pharmaceutical, bio engineering, food, watches and clocks, instruments, cosmetics, batteries, petrochemical, electron mechanical industry, microelectronics, liquid crystal display and semiconductor industry precision components Assembly, military industry and other industries on electrostatic micro-dust more sensitive and relatively high cleanliness requirements of the industry.

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