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ESD PU Foam Tray

What's ESD PU Foam Tray?


The ESD PU foam tray is made of PU foam, which a open cell foam takes polyurethane (PU) as raw material, through cross linked and foaming to the ESD PU foam, which is a versatile and resilient material known for its cushioning and shock-absorption properties.

ESD PU foam tray trays incorporate conductive additives or materials, such as carbon or metallic particles, to provide anti-static properties.

pink anti static foam tray
PU foam tray

ESD PU Foam  Specifications:


NO. Item Data
1 Color Black / Pink
2 Density 18kg/m3, 23Kg/m3
3 Hardness (ASKER-F) 55±5
4 Tensile strength (Kg/cm2) >1
5 Tearing strength (Kg/cm2) >0.5

Anti Static PU Foam Tray Customization:


Anti-static PU foam trays can be customized in terms of size, shape, and compartmentalization to securely hold and protect specific components or devices. anti-static PU foam trays that comply with industry standards and regulations related to ESD protection, such as ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Anti Static PU Foam trays are commonly used as packaging materials for individual components, circuit boards, integrated circuits, and other electronic parts. They can be stacked or used within larger packaging containers to provide additional protection.



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