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ESD Container

ESD Container

Anti static ESD Containers, also known as ESD safe Storage Boxes,Plastic Storage Bins, anti-static plastic boxes, conductive totes,

Anti-static Boxes, are widely used in machinery, automotive, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries, can be acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used to hold electronic industrial components, easy to clean, convenient turnover of parts, stacked neatly, easy to manage. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for factory logistics in the transportation, distribution, storage, circulation and processing.

The ESD Storage container is available with or without lids or partitions. It is used for the storage and transportation of electrostatically sensitive devices and components. The container must be used when manufacturing, assembling, storing or transporting microelectronic parts (small ESD sensitive components) to safely protect them from ESD damage.


Definition of ESD Containers / Anti Static Boxes

Anti-static boxes are different from the common insulated plastic boxes, mainly surface and volume resistivity in 10^3 ~ 10^9 Ohm, due to the insulation is not conductive, it is easy to generate static damage to electronic products, and therefore need to be used for anti-static box for packaging protection.

Anti-static boxes can be divided into three categories: Anti-static injection molding PP box, Anti-static hollow plate box, Anti-static injection molding foam tray.

ESD container Boxes
ESD Injection Molding PP Boxes
esd corrugated box
ESD Corrugated Box
esd injection molding foam Box
ESD Injected Molding Foam Boxes

Anti-static injection molding box to polypropylene (PP) as a substrate, adding toner, toner can conduct current and has strong mechanical properties, with this composite material made by the traditional injection molding process. When the surface and volume resistivity is below 10^9 ohm, the conductivity of the anti-static / conductive effect can be achieved.
Anti-static injection molding box according to different uses can be divided into: Anti-static tray, Anti-static separator tray, Anti-static corrugated box.
Anti-static corrugated box is made of hollow plate, divided into skeleton box, folding box, gland box and so on.
Anti-static box can effectively release the charge accumulated on the surface of the object, so that it will not produce charge accumulation and high potential difference; with tough wear-resistant, moisture anti-corrosion, heat insulation and other roles, a large number of electronic devices and products used in the production process of the turnover of the loading - packaging - storage and transportation.

Antistatic Containers Feature:

  • Material: PP
  • Range: conductive, ESD, Anti static.
  • Excellent transportation capacity
  • Surface durability
  • Dividers: ESD foam dividersESD corrugated dividers  and ESD PP Separators are acceptable
  • Customized size, specification
  • ECO-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion
  • Light weight, convenient to move, and easy to shape
  • Smooth & cleanable surface
  • Recyclable/reusable
  • Long-term & exterior durability
  • Prompt delivery
  • Competitive price


ESD container Boxes
ESD PP storage box
esd corrugated dividers
ESD Corrugated Dividers
ESD foam dividers
ESD Foam Dividers
ESD Boxes with foamdividers
ESD Boxes + Foam Dividers

ESD Storage Box Functions

  • Used to ensure that your electronics are protected from damage during transportation, retail and display
  • Provides maximum comfort during transportation
  • Suitable for all types of outer packaging
  • Good packaging results can be achieved
  • Soft and smooth surface with high resistance to compression and cracks
  • Prevents cuts and injuries
  • Used for weight/volume ratios of different sized goods.

ESD Storage Boxes Dimensions

External(mm) Internal(mm) Lid/Not Material
600*300*210 560*270*200 Not PP
350x265x125 315x235x120 Lid as requests PP
410x305x155 380x275x145 Lid as requests PP
480x355x170 445x320x165 Lid as requests PP
480x355x220 445*320*210 Lid as requests PP
480*360*325 445*325*315 Lid as requests PP
545x420x240 505x380x230 Lid as requests PP
540x420x300 500x380x290 Lid as requests PP
545x415x370 500x380x360 Lid as requests PP
600x500x360 560x460x350 Lid as requests PP
600x500x400 560x460*390 Lid as requests PP
535*385*270 465*350*260 Lid as requests PP
590*390*210 540*340*200 Lid as requests PP
600x500x300 560x460x290 Lid as requests PP
620x430x155 575x395x145 Lid as requests PP
615x425x315 580x390x305 Lid as requests PP
615x425x250 580x390x240 Lid as requests PP
620x430x200 575x385x190 Lid as requests PP
710x550x380 670x510x370 No PP
705x450x180 665x410x170 No PP
660x405x160 620x365x150 No PP
605x415x125 565x380x115 No PP
515*360*270 465*320*260 Lid as requests PP


EU ESD Storage Containers

External(mm) Internal(mm) Lid/Not Material
600 x 400 x 90 560 x 360 x 85 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 130 560 x 360 x 127 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 150 560 x 360 x 145 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 220 560 x 360 x 215 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 255 560 x 360 x 250 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 280 560 x 360 x 275 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 320 560 x 360 x 305 Lid as requests PP
600 x 400 x 340 560 x 360 x 330 Lid as requests PP
400 x 300 x 120 365 x 265 x 115 Lid as requests PP
400 x 300 x 148 365 x 265 x 135 Lid as requests PP
400 x 300 x 170 365 x 265 x 165 Lid as requests PP
400 x 300 x 230 365 x 265 x 220 Lid as requests PP
400 x 300 x 280 365 x 265 x 275 Lid as requests PP
300 x 200 x 120 265 x 165 x 115 Lid as requests PP
300 x 200 x 148 265 x 165 x 135 Lid as requests PP

ESD Divider Boxes Dimensions


ESD Trays Dimensions

esd trays
esd storage PP box
ESD Stackable PP box

Anti Static Plastic Container Surface Test

The surface resistance of the ESD Plastic Box is 10^5-10^9 Ohm, below is the test video for reference.

ESD Plastic Boxes Applications

Anti-static Boxes can be used with a variety of logistics containers and workstations for various types of warehouses, production sites and other occasions, in the logistics management more and more attention by the majority of enterprises today, anti-static boxes to help complete the generalization of logistics containers, integrated management, is the production and distribution of enterprises to carry out modern logistics management of the necessities.

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  • We offer ESD-safe boxes that are suitable for storing materials that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge.
  • For larger items, we suggest using tote boxes made of static-dissipative polypropylene plastic or conductive cardboard with an impregnated liner.
  • We also provide boxes with individually sized drawers that are perfect for storing small, static-sensitive electronics.
  • When transporting these items, we recommend using ESD-safe shipping boxes that are lined with static-dissipative foam at the top of the box.
  • Our reusable in-plant handlers for circuit boards are electrostatic discharge safe and come equipped with conductive plastic handles.
PCB Rack
ESD divider
ESD PP Separators

Features to consider when choosing ESD packaging Boxes solutions

When selecting ESD boxes for your specific application, it's essential to consider certain features that can enhance their protective capabilities and usability. Here are some key features to keep in mind:

1. Surface Resistance: The surface resistance of the ESD packaging material is a crucial factor in determining its ability to dissipate static electricity. Look for packaging solutions with low surface resistance to ensure effective static control.

2. Conductive Inserts: Some ESD boxes and containers come with conductive inserts that provide additional shielding and protection for delicate electronic components. These inserts help to prevent direct contact between the components and the container's surface, reducing the risk of damage.

3. Foam Inserts and Dividers: Foam inserts and dividers offer added cushioning and organization for components within the ESD packaging. These features help prevent the components from shifting during transit and protect them from physical damage.

4. Stackability: If space efficiency is a concern, consider ESD storage solutions that are stackable. Stackable boxes, bins, and containers allow for easy storage and maximize the use of available space in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

5. ESD Labels: Ensure that the ESD packaging solutions you choose have clear and visible ESD labels or markings. These labels indicate that the packaging is designed for static-sensitive components and help prevent mix-ups or mishandling.

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