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ESD Corrugated Box

ESD corrugated box / Anti-static corrugated box

ESD corrugated box / Anti-static corrugated box (also known as Hollow box), which is produced by the raw material polypropylene and some special padding and then foaming by special process, with good mechanical property, excellent protected hardness, waterproof, shockproof and anti static properties.

It can be post processed into different dimension for box. Polypropylene board and component palette according to customers’ requests. And it is widely used in hi-tech electronics products which has critical anti static requests for packing, storage, transferring or delivery.

The Corrugated box Features

  • Stable and long-term anti static property.
  • Surface resistivity of conductive type: 10^3-10^6.
  • Surface resistivity of anti static type: 10^6-10^9.
  • Common thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm.
  • Shockproof and shock resistant.
  • Non-toxic,tasteless.
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant.
  • Temperature and humidity resistant, large load ability.

ESD corrugated box applications

Anti static corrugated box is mainly used to produce static electricity factory workshop, take the separation layer, isolated parking spaces, packaging items, decoration Home, can also be placed in anti-static turnover box and anti-static Hollow Board turnover box to do a layer, in addition to Anti-Static Hollow board can be made into a hollow board box,electronic components and transport storage of various electrical appliances.

There are many different Corrugated Boxs for your reference.

Folded ESD Corrugated box

Except for the corrugated Box as above. for solve our customer's tranportation cost, we also recommend the Folded corrugated box. for more information please refer to my another post for checking.

Can be made according to customer’s requests.

Anti Static PP Straight
Danpla sheet / PP sheet
Danpla sheet / PP sheet
Anti static corner

ESD antistatic polypropylene plastic pp sheet

ESD Antistatic Polypropylene plastic PP sheet description

ESD antistatic Polypropylene plastic PP sheet is a kind of packing material that high strength and durable,but light weight. It can be recycled and reused repeatedly, and no pollution to environment. It can be made into box, bin, divider, and other customized shapes, which is used widely in electronic industries.

Description  Corrugated plastic sheet / PP hollow board
Material  Eco-friendly PP (polypropylene)
Width(mm)&Length(mm)    ≤1750,limitless    ≤1250,limitless
Thickness 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Standard specification 1220mm*2440mm or as your request
Weight(g/sqm) 450 500 700 900 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400
Feature Light weight, Non-toxic, Pollution free, Water/moisture resistant
   Corrosion preventive,  Durability,   Water proof
   Eco-friendly,   recyclable/reusable,  size flexible
   Easy to print,    good chemical resistant.
   Easy to clean and maintain,
Color Black
Packing Film ordinary packing or as your request.
Quality Control We have a professional quality control team.
Term of payment T/T , L/C
Delivery Time 7-10 days, also according to the qty of the orders.

Antistatic Polypropylene sheet Features

  1. It is lightweight but tough properties.
  2. It can stand in horrible weather condition,or from strong chemical substances.
  3. It usually used to make most commercial signs and for plastic containers and reusable packaging. Its strength yet easily-modified mature makes it perfect for the packaging of cars(automotive),agricultural products,and even electronic parts.

Antistatic Polypropylene sheet Application

Sturdy,reusable,recyclable,returnable,waterproof corrugated plastic sheet shippers are superior to corrugated paper in a variety of packaging applications,including produce packaging,boxes,totes and dunnage.


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