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High Quality Anti Static Polypropylene Board | ESD Corrugated Sheet

Anti static polypropylene board

High quality anti static corrugated sheet also called anti static polypropylene board,  generally made from a material called polypropylene, which can be recycled.  And are constructed with two parallel walls of plastic separated by perpendicular structures of alternating plastic and air pockets.

Anti static polypropylene board Features:

  1. It is lightweight but tough properties.
  2. It can stand in horrible weather condition,or from strong chemical substances.
  3. It usually used to make most commercial signs and for plastic containers and reusable packaging.
  4. Its strength yet easily-modified mature makes it perfect for the packaging of cars(automotive),agricultural products,and even electronic parts.
Corrugated box sheet

Anti static PP sheet Applications:

Sturdy,reusable,recyclable,returnable,waterproof corrugated plastic sheet shippers are superior to corrugated paper in a variety of packaging applications,including produce packaging,boxes and totes.

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