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ESD Shipping Box | Pink ESD Packing | Safe Foam

When will we need the ESD Shipping Box

Once you have securely packed your electronic components using Anti-Static Poly Bags, it is essential to consider the appropriate ESD shipping box for their transportation and storage.

To ensure optimal protection for your electronic components, a reliable ESD shipping box with ESD pink safe foam becomes highly valuable. Our ESD shipping box is specifically designed to meet the requirements of being anti-static, lightweight, shockproof, and robust enough for shipping, storing, and protecting delicate electronic components. With this carefully crafted solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electronic items are safeguarded during their journey and storage, reducing the risk of damage or static-related issues.

ESD Shipping Box
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What’s ESD Shipping Box?

ESD shipping boxes are crafted using 100% recycled ESD corrugated board (hollow board), ensuring both sustainability and strength. To provide superior durability and dependability, these boxes are encased with pink static dissipative foam that offers long-lasting protection.

ESD shipping boxes serve as highly effective solutions for shipping or storing ESD-sensitive circuit boards and other small items. The interior of the box is equipped with convoluted static-dissipative pink polyurethane/Polyethylene foam, with a surface resistance of less than 10^11 ohms per square, laminated to the top and precisely fitted in the bottom. This specialized foam provides additional cushioning and prevents the buildup of static electricity, safeguarding the contents from potential damage.

With their combination of recycled corrugated cardboard and static dissipative foam, our ESD shipping boxes deliver a reliable solution for protecting ESD-sensitive items during transportation and storage, ensuring the utmost durability and performance.

ESD Corrugested Box (Hollow Board Box)

When talking about the hollow board box, there can be made into many different types as different customers’ requests.

  • ESD Trays: Custom molded for excellent part density while providing adequate part protection in shipping and handling.
  • ESD Dividers: Very versatile design can accommodate several similar parts or can be easily retooled for different parts.
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To enhance the protection of electronic devices, the inclusion of a soft foam insert proves to be highly beneficial.

Pink safe foam inserts

We specialize in creating customized die-cut inserts that are precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Features: Pink Color, Anti Static Foam Density, 14kg/m3, 25kg/m3

Material: PE foam or PU foam

More foam information, kindly refer to previous articles Anti static PE foam and Anti static PU foam .

esd shipping box
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Anti Static & Dissipative & Conductive

TypesESD ValueDescriptions
Dissipative10^10-10^12Initial charges are suppressed, but may only be surface resistant.
Anti-Static10^6 -10^9No or low initial charge. Prevents discharge to or from human contact.
Conductive10^3 to 10^5No initial charge, but still provides an easy path for bleed off to another object.