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ESD Pink PE Foam & Anti Static EPE Foam Sheet Suppliers

ESD foam Packaging materia

Anti static EPE Foam also called Pink EPE foam ,ESD pink PE foam. With its low price and moderate cushioning performance,the ESD PE foam has been extremely extensive applications in the anti static packaging material ,especially in the electronic packaging materials.

Anti static epe foam has been as the preferred anti-static packaging materials in many large company, such  as Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn , Oppo , Vivo  and other large companies. The annual order of esd foam is more than million square meters.

Anti static EPE foam characteristics:

The production process for anti static EPE foam is mixing the anti-static agent of EPE Master batch and ordinary EPE particles together and then foaming, so as to obtain the anti-static function for the EPE foam. due to the general characteristics of anti-static agent, which affect the EPE Foam anti-static properties.

The ESD Pink foam characteristics as below:

  1. Low price.
  2. Impedance high, more than 10^10, usually in 10^11.
  3. Largely affected by humidity, when humidity is less than 50%,11 the impedance will reach more than 10^12, it will lose the anti-static function.
  4. the durability is not too long.  After using several weeks, impedance rise, anti-static performance decreased.

Other anti-static epe foam methods

Some companies coating the anti static liquid on the outside of the epe foam, which make the foam  with a temporary surface low impedance effect, have the anti static function. but because of the nature of the raw materials, it still cannot solve the problem of short durability and easily effected by the temperature and humidity.

Anti static foam current situation:

The special EPE foam anti-static coating Typical can be as follows:

Humidity: 38%

temperature: 29 ℃

surface Resistance: 10^8-- 10^11

1)the surface impedance is low, 10^8 is the typical numerical value

2) impedance stability, temperature and humidity on the surface impedance small impact

3)durability, lasting up to six months, fully meet the Pearl cotton epe sponge life.

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