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Why We Should Use Electrostatic Protective Material?

The importance of using the electrostatic protective material

In the production, assembly, storage, transportation and use of electronic products, it's unavoidable to generate static electricity.

The static electricity is not the danger, the harm is the accumulation of static electricity (EOS), which will cause the electrostatic induction, adsorption and electrostatic discharge. It is particularly important to limit the accumulation of electrostatic and to take various electrostatic protective measures.

How to limit the accumulation of electrostatic?

Now People usually use some anti static foam material,  ESD tray products, or some clean room products for limiting the accumulation of electrostatic and protecting the sensitive electronic products which easy be damaged . it can help to transfer the electronic charge to the ground quick once generating static during the contact.

For the characteristics of the Anti static protecting material. Let me introduce it as below

1.Conductive Material

Conductive material surface resistivity : less than 10^5/SQ  (ESD ADV 1.0,MIL-263B,EIA-625)

2.Static dissipative Material/electrostatic dissipation material :

with a surface resistivity of at least 10^5/SQ and less than 10^12/SQ (ESD ADV 1.0,MIL-263B,EIA-625)

3.Anti-static / antistatic material:

Materials (ESD ADV 1.0) that inhibit friction and electricity--the material that can inhibit friction from electricity to 200V (EIA625)

Anti static materials do not need to measure their surface resistivity to determine their properties.  (JEDEC STANDARD NO.42)

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