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ESD Chair

ESD Chair, also called anti static chair, mainly made of PP injection molding, anti-static PU/PVC leather and PU foam material. Anti-static chair face high strength and hardness, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, resistance to fission, heat, breathable, comfortable texture, suitable for anti-static requirements of the environment and the million-class purification room, alcohol (limited to PVC).

ESD Chair types:

  • Anti-static square tube stool.
  • Anti-static four-legged backrest chair.
  • Anti-static four-legged round stool.
  • Anti-static lifting injection chair.

Anti static Chair Features: Surface resistance value :  10^6 to 10^11.

ESD Chairs

ESD Chair working principles

Anti-static polyurethane chair (ESD Chair) is the necessary supplies of electrostatic sensitive area, anti-static chair using ESD seat cushion, backrest and metal fittings and other structures, effective anti-static release to the ground, with a excellent ESD electrostatic discharge performance. The dust-free chair surface does not contain the oxide, carries on the strict dust and ion pollution test to the chair material in the laboratory, guarantees meets the clean room standard.

Main uses:
Eliminate static electricity, numerous electronic production workshops, laboratory, dust-free workshops.


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