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Foam Sheet Roll | Pink & Black Color |ESD Application

Pink & Black color Foam sheet or roll material both are used in electronics ESD packaging with an effective way to control static electricity and risks due to static discharge. main function is to release the static and prevent the electricity accumulating.

ESD Foam Sheet / Foam roll Features:

  • Closed cell or Open cell structure
  • Color Pink or black
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easily cut into pads, shapes, sheets, liners
  • Available as custom convoluted sets, cut to your specifications
  • Short Term static discharge/ anti-static effect
  • material can be thermoformable
  • Good cushion
  • Non-corrosive
  • Can be cut, split, and laminated
  • Good chemical resistance

Pink Polyethylene Foam Sheet

We also offer our high-quality pink polyethylene foam for your packaging needs. This incredibly durable and resilient closed cell foam is usually used as an additional measure to ensure the safety of sensitive electronic items during transport.

It can be used to dampen the effects of vibrations and shock impacts for added safety for your packages.

It has a few unique features which make it worth adding.

Not only is it lightweight so it won't add to the cost of shipping,

it is resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and water damage.

Even though it is lightweight in nature, this foam solution is highly durable for a solution you can trust.


Pink Anti-Static PU Foam

Designed specifically for the transportation of electronic parts and equipment, our anti-static PU foam sheets feature unique properties. Able to dissipate electrostatic changes both by neighboring elements and human interaction, this solution gives you added peace of mind during the shipping and handling process. This foam type provides ample cushioning against impacts in addition to the static charge capabilities for an added value. 

How to choose the ESD foam as different ESD Applications?

Pink anti static foam is available in sheets and rolls, which is suitable for short term storage and one-way shipping requirements.

Pink anti static foams are subject to humidity and the environment and will eventually dry-out or discolor over time.

For a more permanent and long-lasting solution, consider black conductive or dissipative foams. Pink antistatic and black conductive foams are available in polyurethane, polyethylene and memory foam grades.

Polyurethane foams are soft, open cell foams generally used for cushioning.  Available in flat sheets and “eggcrate” style convoluted foam sets.  Convoluted foam is supplied per set and is generally used in conductive boxes to protect circuit cards and electronic assemblies.