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Black Packing Foam Sheet | High Density Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Black packing foam sheet is a kind of high density closed cell polyethylene foam, which are used to protect the packaging goods from impact or damage during transit in the electronic industry,ESDGoods provide the packing foam sheet with competitive price and high quality.

Packing foam sheet includes the thick and thin foam, foam material can be PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, PU foam and so on. Foam shape can be foam sheet , foam pad , foam inserts as different customers’ requests. We mainly introduce the thin foam as the packing material.

Thin Packing Foam Specifications:

Color: Black Charcoal Color

Foam cell: closed cell or open cell as different packaging needs.

Thickness:0.5mm , 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm etc.


Thin Packing Foam Features:

  • These are excellent to pack and ship any products, very resilient foam,
  • Excellent shock absorbing qualities and seal gasket ability.
  • This product is suited for shock absorbing products
  • Excellent for dampening the effects of vibration.
  • Excellent for packaging material for items that may receive indelicate handling or require long-distance transportation.
  • Confidently protect your products
  • Utilized for material handling, packaging, and electronic protection
  • Provides superior resistance to vibration, compression and moisture



Protect your shipments and ensure your packages arrive safely.


Applications for Thin packing foam

  • Electrical contacts for PCBs
  • Electrical coupling in handheld electronics
  • Sensors and electrical connectors
  • EMI shielding for enclosures
  • LCD gaskets
  • ESD sensitive manufacturing
  • Dust sealing
  • Shock and vibration absorption
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