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Anti Static Packing Foam | Static Foam Shippers Manufacturer

Anti Static Packing Foam is a closed cell , light weight , anti static foam, which can be static foam sheet , foam insert or foam roll as different requests. it is ideal for cushioning PCB boards and various sensitive parts for packaging, storing or transportation. ESDGoods have high quality static packing foam and pocket friendly prices to our customers.

Anti Static Packing Foam
anti static foam shipper

Anti Static Foam Shippers

Anti-Static Foam Shippers, Great Anti-static Protection for fragile items. Anti-Static convoluted foam inserted into corrugated shippers. Shippers arrive with foam glued to the top and loose on the bottom. Shippers hold items in place to prevent slipping. foam can be pink or black as different applications.

Anti Static Foam Shippers Features

Anti Static foam is a specialty product designed for the transportation of electronic parts and equipment. Its unique properties allow the foam to slowly dissipate electro-static charges given off by neighboring components, the component itself or even human handlers during the shipping process. Anti-Static foam is excellent for cushioning sensitive circuit boards, computer chips and other electronics.

anti static foam shipper
ESD box

ESD Box with white color board for writing the label.

Below are the video for showing how to make full use of the white color board.

It’s easier for writing any words you want to be the label. and erase it quickly.