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Conductive Polyurethane Foam | Poly Foam Rolls – ESDGoods

Conductive polyurethane foam also known as ESD or Electrostatic Dissipative poly foam, it is used in many branches of industry as an effective method to control static electricity and risks due to electrostatic discharge.

The performance of poly foam rolls in managing static electricity is usually evaluated by the measurement of Surface Resistivity. it is a hi-tech ESD product which has very good anti-static property, it is an ideal packing material for optoelectronic devices and microelectronics devices, integrated circuit, printed circuit board, communications, military products etc.


Comparing with other ESD foam, Conductive PU Foam is more softer , have good fliter and protective ability. More important , price is cheaper .Click here for price.

Conductive Polyurethane Foam Features:

  • ConductiveESD Polyurethane (PU) Foam is open cell, lightweight, absorbs shock and recovers its shape quickly.
  • Polyurethane foam is ideal as circuit board shippers and protecting sensitive resistors, medical devices, optical equipment, computer chips and other electronics
  • Open cell foam, available in charcoal grey and pink
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easily cut into pads, shapes, ESD foam sheets, liners
  • Available as custom convoluted sets, cut to your specifications
  • EzeeTearTM, Tear-To-Fit and Ezee Plain convoluted foam sets are ready to ship
  • Shop our selection of Antistatic EzeeShip’rs or Pinch-N-Tear Grid Packs

Polyurethane Foam Data Sheets:

2Density20-35Kg/m3ISO 845 : 1988


3Abrasive potential<50V---
4Electrostatic attenuating time<1.0sISO 2439 : 1997


5Tensile strength, minimum70 KpaISO 1798 : 1997
6Elongation at break, minimum120%ISO 1798 : 1997
7Compression set, maximum10ISO 1856 : 2000
8Surface resistance≤ 10^11 ohmIEC 61340-2-3
ESD PU foam
ESD PU foam

Conductive Polyurethane Foam Applications:

Polyurethane foam is a specialty product designed for the transportation of electronic parts and equipment, it can be used as the foam inserts in the below products.

  • Static Dissapative Cartons
  • PCB Board Holder Rack
  • Lewis Tote Boxes and Bins
  • Protective Static Dissapative Tote Box
  • Static Shielding Puncture Resistant Moisture Barrier Bag

Our ESD Goods can make the foam be the packaging materials and products specifically designed to protect electronic components and medical equipment from damage. And as a trusted and authorized seller, we provide the same material as CCI Conductive Containers and Protective Pak, customers can be assured that we can accommodate all their specialty packaging requirements. Click here for the foam price.