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Pink Static Foam | Pink Applications | Foam Pinks for Packaging

Here we talked about the pink static foam. Pink static foam means the pink color anti static or static dissipative foam. It contains Pink PE foam and Pink PU foam.

Today we mainly talk about the Pink PU foam.

Pink Static Foam

Pink PU foam

For the Pink PU foam, anti static value 10e8 to 10e11.

Anti static pink color foam, called as ESD PU foam, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with a non-cross linking closed-cell structure.

Pink foam consists of numerous independent bubbles produced after physical foaming of low density polyethylene, has advantages of moisture protection, shockproof, sound insulation, thermal insulation, recycling usage, environmentally friendly, high resistance to collision, which also has high resistance to chemicals, thus being an ideal substitute of traditional packaging materials.

Pinks foam specifications:

  • Density: 18-30KG/M3
  • Thickness: 1-100mm
  • Width: 10-1500 mm
  • Length: 100m/roll
  • Anti static value : 10e8 to 10e11

Pinks Foam Features:

  1. Improved packaging against shock and vibration.
  2. Can effectively prevent static damage to the product.
  3. Protection from moisture and dust due to its closed cell structure.

Anti static pink foam applications:

Pink Static Foam for Packaging
TV computers/monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, electronic equipments, glassware, ceramics, polyester yarn/films, handicrafts, printers, UPS, currency teller machines, diagnostic kits, and surgical equipments and other fragile and delicate products.

In electronic equipments as corner pads, buffers, encapsulation blocks, ribs, and support pads, adhesive backed sheets etc.