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Foam Specs | Conductive Sponge Sheets for Packaging – ESD Goods

anti static pu foam

Conductive Sponge Description:

Conductive sponge sheets is a type of open cell flexible conductive foam sheets, which is made of high grade PU raw materials to process the sponge with excellent foam specs. it is a great packaging material used for the protection of static sensitive components and assemblies in the electronic industry.

Conductive Sponge

Conductive foam is a soft porous polymer, generally speaking – polyether or polyester, with electrically conductive property, ideal for use in packing applications of printed wiring assemblies with static sensitive components as also in storing of ESD (Electro Static Discharge Sensitive) sensitive components directly.

Conductive foam Features:

  1. High quality product
  2. Good thermal conductivity
  3. Easy to cut and shape
  4. Excellent shape memory
  5. Open cell structure
  6. Pink or black colors.
  7. Wide functioning temperature range
  8. Great shockproof functions.

Conductive Foam specs:

Conductive sponge are available in different shapes:sheet,strip,ball,roller,tube,other customized shapes

NO. Item Data
1 Color black /  Pink color
2 Density 20-35Kg/m3
3 Surface resistivity 103—106 Ω/sq
4 Volume resistivity 103—106 Ω•cm
5 Abrasive potential <50V
6 Electrostatic attenuating time <1.0s

Where Are Conductive Sponge Useful?

There will exist gap , tolerances or other related spaces between two parts of all kinds devices, It will effect the usage of the devices. So conductive sponge can be used to fills these gaps,spaces and electrically couple surfaces. Using a conductive sponge to fill gaps provides EMI sheilding, dust sealing and forms a protective environment for susceptible electronics.


When will you need the conductive sponge?

  1. Package
  2. Sensitive devices protect
  3. Shock absorption
  4. Turnover box liner
  5. Gaskets, Cushioning applications


Applications of Conductive Foams

  • Displays (LCD ,LED and PDP)
  • PCB packaging.
  • Hand held Electronics
  • Portable data acquisition & ruggedized devices
  • Medical devices
  • Antennas and telecommunications
  • LED lighting
  • Asset tracking
  • Industrial equipment