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How does the ESD wrist strap working ?

ESD wrist strap is a device worn on the operator's wrist to release the accumulated electrostatic charge of the human body.

The Main composite parts of the wrist strap

It is divided into wired type, wireless type, metal ring and rubber conductive wire mixed ring, Coil cord can be used more than 30,000 times around the test does not break. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with anti static yarns, and the outer layers are woven with ordinary yarns.

Wrist strap functions

ESD wrist strap with buckle adjustment has line style, can effectively protect resistance parts, free from the interference of static electricity, to release the body's static electricity.

The principles of the ESD wrist strap are to pass the body's static conductance to the Earth through the wrist band and the grounding wire. When used, the wrist strap touches the skin and ensures that the grounding wire is grounded directly so that the wrist strap works well.

ESD Wrist strap composition:
1)Coil cord: High elasticity PVC swing, color blue/black.
2)Crocodile clip: stainless steel movable clamp.
3)Conductive gauze: thin conductive yarn weaving, white yarn.

Characteristics: ESD wrist band through grounding effective release of the human body static electricity,to prevent the product from electrostatic blow. The ESD wrist strap is usually used in conjunction with the "grounding socket", and a grounding socket can receive two wrist straps.