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The Important Role of Anti Static Wrist Strap in Electrostatic Protection

ESD wrist strap

Current understanding about the wrist strap

Newly opening factories and relatively concentrated manual operation production lines need anti-static wrist strap, many customers inquire about the wrist strap, but most of them concerned about price, not from the static protection standards to measure the required product quality.

Many people not comprehensive enough to understand the market and the performance of the products. Easily be confused by the cheap price product.

How to know the ESD wrist strap better?

ESD Cleanroom Anti static wrist strap

In fact, in the purchase of any products, we must understand the product, especially for some functional products, do not just look at the appearance, you should do a substantial contrast to buy what is needed.

For the anti-static wrist strap, There are a lot different levels of anti-static wrist strap, price from $1 to $20, but many customers just want to buy cheap anti-static wrist strap.

we can judge the structure of anti-static wrist strap and the time spent assembling, It's not hard to figure out what kind of material to use for a 1-dollar anti-static wrist strap, often hear customer feedback wearing anti-static wrist strap, workers can also detect thousands of volts of static voltage out, low quality anti-static wrist strap cannot achieve the requirements of the ESD standard, also cannot normally release of static electricity in a limited time, it does not work at all.

The importance role of anti static wrist strap in electrostatic protection

The functions of the anti-static wrist strap are to transfer static electricity to the Earth through a 1MΩ resistor in the plastic box on the wrist strap.

Series resistance discharge electrostatic in the personal safety consideration, the purpose is to avoid instantaneous large current impact on the components, to avoid damage to components. With the copper wire anti-static wrist belt

Working principle: the human skin and wrist with the conductive material directly contact, when the wrist belt grounding, through the grounding system will be produced by the human body movement of static electricity quickly vent.

Wrist strap Index:

  • Electrostatic discharge time: less than 0.1s.
  • Scattered power fast (s<0.1 seconds).
  • durable (curve folding 30,000 times).
  • safety (built-in 1Ω power resistors).
  • can be repeated cleaning.