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Buy 1/4 Inch Foam Sheet | 1″ Foam Sheet | 2″ Foam – ESD Goods

When you want to buy Anti static Polyethylene Foam Sheet,such as 1/4 inch foam sheet,1" foam sheet,  2" foam sheet, color black or Pink, Perforated as requests. please check ESDGoods, which is a professional supplier for various ESD Foam and different foam tray types.

ESD Foam sheet

Buy 1/4 Inch Foam Sheet|1″Anti Static Foam Sheet|2″Foam

Closed cell anti static polyethylene foam offers chemical and physical stability. Good for long term storage. Foam can be made into all kinds different sizes, Excellent pin-insertion and pin-retention characteristics without particulation.

Anti static Foam sheet Features

  • Shockproof,cushioning.
  • Environmental and non toxic, no odor.
  • Long term anti static or conductive
  • Perfect for packaging
  • Available in both high density and low density.
  • Many different thickness sizes

Anti static polyethylene foam sheet Properties Specifications

  • Material: Conductive /Anti static polyethylene foam
  • Color:Black color
  • Type: Polyethylene
  • Construction:Polyethylene closed cell
  • Features: Lead Insertion , Pin-insertion , Pin retention.
  • Size: can be customized.
  • Thickness: 1/8” , 1/4”,3/8”,1/2”, 3/4” & 1” 1 inch foam sheet
  • Density: 2.5lb
  • Resistance:Volume Resistance 10e3-10e6 or 10e6-10e9
  • Certificates: RoHS Approved ,Reach Approvel
  • Corrosion Resistance:Very Good
  • Tensile Strength:>0.5MPa
  • Tear Strength:>1.2N/mm
  • Charge Decay:<0.05 seconds

Different foam thickness foam

  • 1/8 inch foam sheet : Thickness3.175mm with single layer
  • 1/4 inch foam sheet : Thickness 6.35mm with single layer
  • 1" foam sheet:  Thickness 25.4mm with 4 layers
  • 2" foam sheet : Thickness 50mm with 8 layers

The function of Anti static foam sheet

Anti static Polyethylene foam sheet is used to protect static sensitive devices and components in a variety of manufacturing applications. Comes in both high and low density and can be used for packaging, lead insertion and protection.

How to use the foam sheet ?

The foam sheet used to protect the contents of your Case by ordering anti static Foam sheet. It is easy to cut the foam and shape it into whatever you want.

Anti static foam sheet Application

High density Anti static or conductive cross link polyethylene foam is ideal for shunting IC leads, PIN insertion, lining ESD boxes and blocking and bracing ESD sensitive assemblies.

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