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Black Anti Static PE Foam and EVA Foam Contrast

anti static eva foam

Black anti static PE foam and EVA foam, both produced by adding carbon black mixing and foaming. The performance is basically similar.

Foam outlook

Anti static PE foam surface has skin, be roll shape for continuously large production.

Anti static EVA foam is basically incomplete and bubble hole delicate because it is molded foaming products. sizes are finxed. such 1200*2400mm and 1400mm*2500mm.

Foam conductive or anti static proterties:

Conductive/ Anti static performance, Conductive :10^3-10^6 , and Anti static :10^6-10^9,  basically no difference.

Material physical property:

EVA foam is more wear-resistant, but forming needs glue adhesion, it can not melt self-adhesive.

PE foam processing can be hot adhesive without glue more environmentally friendly.

Both are weather resistance, temperature resistance, acid and alkali properties of the basic properties , no difference;

conductive foam

Foam Lamination Characters:

Anti static EVA foam material are more suitable for lathe machine processing molding, production of large electronic products on the assembly line, such as the full use of its wear-resistant characteristics.

Compared with EVA foam, PE foam more suitable for the production of various molding pallets, knife cards, more importantly, Eva foam has a good tolerance can add a lot of recycled materials.

So now the EVA  on the market has a great taste, anti static IXPE foam are more environmentally friendly, so more international companies to choose anti-static PE foam and conductive PE foam instead.