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Pink Anti Static Foam | ESD Pink Foam for Packaging-ESD Goods

Pink Anti Static foam

Pink anti static foam

What’s pink anti static foam

Pink anti static foam is a polyethylene foam that is no cross linked by mixing polyethylene, anti-static agent (surfactant) and colored with a pink dye for identification.

Our Pink Anti Static Foam specifically for the transportation of electronic components and instrumentality, our anti-static foam sheets feature distinctive properties. able to dissipate static changes each by neighboring parts and human interaction, this resolution provides you other peace of mind throughout the shipping and handling method. This foam provides ample artefact against impacts additionally to the static charge capabilities for one more price. better of all, it's reasonable creating it a sensible alternative for your business.

Pink antistatic foam detail:

  • Style: foam roll, foam inserts, foam sheets, ESD EPE foam tray ,foam padding and customized
  • Material : polyethylene foam
  • Dimensions: customized
  • Cleanroom Approved: yes
  • Color Finish: Pink
  • Construction: Pink Static polythene
  • Customization Available: affirmative
  • Density: 1.7 lb

Anti-Static pink foam’s distinctive properties permit the froth to slowly dissipate electro-static charges given off by neighboring parts, the part itself or maybe human handlers throughout the shipping method.

  1. Closed cell.
  2. Thermoformable.
  3. sensible cushion.
  4. Non-corrosive, Non-toxic and odorless . immune to wetness, fungi and chemicals for good conductive / static discharge/ anti-static impact.
  5. Can be cut, split, and laminated.
  6. sensible chemical resistance.
  7. Anti-Static Grade, 10^6 to 10^11
  8. greenhouse emission free – surroundings friendly and fully reclaimable.

Esd pink foam application

Packaging, storage, artefact and bracing of ESD sensitive devices

excellent for cushioning sensitive circuit boards, computer chips and other electronics components.


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