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ESD Shipping Box

ESD Shipping Box

esd shipping box


ESD Shipping Box, also called ESD carton box, is crafted using K3K or K9K paper board, which is coated with a layer of conductive material on its surface. This unique construction allows it to provide reliable protection for various products, including photovoltaic modules, photoelectric devices, and integrated circuits.

The size of the shipping box can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. With its innovative design, the conductive paper box serves as a new and effective alternative to traditional anti-static corrugated containers. It ensures the safety and integrity of sensitive components during packaging, offering a secure solution for transportation and storage needs.



ESD Shipping Box Features

  • Material: Cardboard
  • Dimensions: Any Size Can Be Customized
  • GSM: Customized
  • Resistance: Less than 1 x 10^5 ohms / 10^6-10^9
  • Flute:A, B, C, E, Ab, Bc, Be All Available
  • Feature: No Color Fade
  • Thickness: 1-6mm,usually 3mm
  • Logo Print: Avaliable
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: small order is acceptable and price is effected by quantity directly
  • Finishing:
    glossy/matt lamination, oil varnishing, polishing,
    UV coating, hot gold/silver stamping, embossed, debossed or none, etc.

Conductive Carton Box Surface Testing

The surface resistance of conductive carton is 1*10^3-10^5, and the surface resistance of anti-static carton is 1*10^6-10^9, according to different requirements of customers. The following is the surface resistance test of conductive carton.

Conductive Paper Boxes Applications

Mainly used for packaging and transportation of electronic and electrical products, when used together with anti-static foam, its conductive anti-static effect is the best.

esd shipper
esd shipping box
ESD shipping box
ESD paper box
anti static foam shipper
paper box
Conductive paper box
esd paper box
ESD Paper Box
Paper box with foam


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