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Why Anti Static Hollow Board is Widely Used in the Electronics Industry

What’s the Anti static hollow boards

Anti Static hollow boards, also called anti static corrugated boards, offer unique characteristics such as product separation, preventing collisions between items during turnover and protecting them from damage. Unlike ordinary packaging materials like cardboard, wood, or standard plastic plates, hollow boards are conductive in nature. They are specifically designed to minimize static electricity accumulation, with modified properties achieving a defensive static index range of 10^3-10^5Ω and a conductive index range of 10^3-10^5Ω. By employing anti static hollow boards, we can effectively eliminate the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge and provide high-quality solutions for your packaging needs.

Why need the anti static hollow board?

The electronics industry revolves around the production of electronic components. One of the major concerns in this industry is the accumulation of excessive potential difference between products. This can result in costly damage to integrated circuits due to electrostatic sparks, leading to explosions, fires, or the accumulation of dust.

ESDGoods is dedicated to addressing this issue by providing effective solutions for packaging and transportation. Electronic products often consist of delicate and precision parts that must be protected from collisions and conveniently organized for efficient handling. To address these needs, our recommended solution is the use of anti static hollow boards as protective packaging materials.

Anti Static Hollow Boards
Anti Static Hollow Boards
Anti Static Hollow Boards
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anti static hollow board & box

Anti static hollow board features and applications

Anti-Static Hollow Board can be made into Anti-Static Hollow Board turnover box. Anti-Static Hollow Board using PP anti-static materials, not only anti-static also has non-toxic harmless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light quality and other excellent performance, so in many industries, many fields have been fully applied.

Especially with Anti-Static Hollow board made of turnover box, in warehousing, transportation plays a huge role.

Using the anti-static hollow board to make turnover box , which does not require expensive injection mold, and also can be tailored according to customer requirements, so that enterprises can be the ideal processing and greatly reduce production costs, thereby enhancing the logistics and warehousing economic benefits.

Hollow Board turnover box and hollow Board knife card supporting the use of electronic products without electrostatic accumulation at the same time for the protection of products not hurt, take and put convenient to provide high-quality solutions, so that Anti-Static Hollow Board in the electronics industry widely used.

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esd shipping box
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