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Why Anti Static Hollow Board is Widely Used in the Electronics Industry

Why should use the anti static hollow board in the electronics industry:

Electronics industry is based on the production of electronic components, electronics industry, an important problem is that the accumulation of potential difference between products is too high , which will hit the expensive integrated circuit, resulting in electrostatic spark gas explosion and fire, or generate a lot of dust adsorption and so on.

In the packaging and transportation is very easy to produce this problem, the below information, ESDGoods will introduce how to solve it.

Electronic products usually belong to precision parts, can not collide, a large number of need for a convenient to take place, the factory internal turnover of the protection of the packaging products, hollow Board is the characteristics of the product separation, to avoid collisions between products to protect products in the turnover of not hurt. Ordinary packaging materials such as cardboard, wood, general plastic plate is not conductive body. It is easy to accumulate static electricity, and hollow board through the modified defensive static index to reach 10^3-10^5ω, conductive index reached 10^3-10^5ω, can eliminate the harm caused by electrostatic to provide quality solutions.

anti static hollow board
anti static hollow board & box

Anti static hollow board features:

Anti-Static Hollow Board can be made into Anti-Static Hollow Board turnover box. Anti-Static Hollow Board using PP anti-static materials, not only anti-static also has non-toxic harmless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light quality and other excellent performance, so in many industries, many fields have been fully applied.

Especially with Anti-Static Hollow board made of turnover box, in warehousing, transportation plays a huge role.

Using the anti-static hollow board to make turnover box , which does not require expensive injection mold, and also can be tailored according to customer requirements, so that enterprises can be the ideal processing and greatly reduce production costs, thereby enhancing the logistics and warehousing economic benefits.

Hollow Board turnover box and hollow Board knife card supporting the use of electronic products without electrostatic accumulation at the same time for the protection of products not hurt, take and put convenient to provide high-quality solutions, so that Anti-Static Hollow Board in the electronics industry widely used.